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Gabe / on Fri, Jun 26 2020 at 12:01 am

Over the Horizon

The kids are on summer break now which brings and end to about three months of home schooling. I can't even begin to imagine the long term damage my "teaching" has done.  Now, I’m playing lots of great games and reading some really good books so I thought I’d share. 


Horizon Zero Dawn

I played maybe the first 10 hours or so of Horizon when it first came out. Thinking back I remember really liking the game, but the Switch came out and I got lost in Breath of the Wild. When I saw the trailer for Horizon Forbidden West I got excited and decided to go back and investigate Zero Dawn some more. I’ve played well past my initial excursion and I can’t believe how beautiful this game still is. I love coming across a new type of beast and learning how to take it down in the most efficient way.  I’ve just about reached level 30 which will give me access to the Frozen Wilds DLC that is included in the edition I pickled up. I’m loving the story and thinking I might try and see this one all the way through to the end.

Burnout Paradise

This is another game I skipped over initially. I remember not being a fan of the move to an open world and there were probably other games to play at the time. It just got re-released on the Switch and I’ve been having a ton of fun hunting down billboards to smash while exploring the city. It runs super smooth in handheld or in docked but it’s a bit easier to see landmarks on the big screen. 


Burnout is fun but I am still hooked on sim racing. We had our weekly Penny Arcade league race last night and I had a decent showing. These races are every Thursday night at 8pt if you’d like to try and catch one live. If you’d like to join the PA league, just find us in the directory and send a request. We are accepting all drivers regardless or your license level. In addition to the league races, Jerry and I like to hit the mud tracks late in the night. The best way to catch these is to follow my Tweeter or sub to the channel




I read Wool a long time ago and loved it but somehow missed the fact that it existed in a trilogy. Shift is the second book in that series and I devoured it. The basic hook of the setting is that there has been some sort of disaster and the remnants of humanity live in a massive underground silo. It’s an incredibly interesting story and I’m overjoyed to discover there’s more. 


This is the third book in the silo trilogy and I’m almost finished with it. I even had to do some fan art. I can’t recommend this series enough. Go grab the trilogy right now, and when you’re finished pick up Beacon 23 by the same author Hugh Howey. Sand is also very good although it has no relation to our Sand.


-Gabe out

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