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Gabe / on Wed, Sep 23 2020 at 12:01 am

Target Zero.

Target was a real shit show yesterday along with every other store I tried to buy an Xbox Series X from. Target was especially frustrating in that it kept telling me I had one in my cart but wouldn’t let me buy it. I had pretty much given up when I got sent a link to the MS store via twitter that people claimed was working. I was skeptical and the site was a bit slow but all be damned if it didn’t work! So I did manage to score a Series X on launch day but looking around it seems like I was one of the lucky ones. I know they will make more and eventually they’ll be easy to get but I’ve always been a sucker for new hardware, it’s a weakness in my genes. 

I’m still playing Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning when I get a chance and I love it. To me this game is like comfort food. I think the combat is still some of the best ever in an action RPG. I’m also playing PGA2K20 a couple times a week with Jerry against our hated foes Gary Whitta and Not that Will Smith. We play a mode called alternate shot so Jerry and I as a team take turns hitting shots. It’s a mode designed to end friendships since you are often forced to deal with your partner's errant shots. Last week I picked up Mario 3D Allstars on the Switch and Kara and I are playing through Mario Galaxy again. The co-op mode worked better with the Wii controllers in our opinion as the current Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers suck for pointing. It’s still fun to play but doesn’t feel as magical as it did on the Wii. I’m also still playing iRacing obviously and getting ready for our Penny Arcade league race tomorrow night at 8PT

Speaking of racing, I just picked up Art of Rally this morning and it’s beautiful. This is a top down racer that you play with a controller and it's excellent. I love everything about the presentation here from the visuals to the music and the UI. Don’t sleep on this one!

-Gabe out

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