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Tycho / on Fri, Nov 13 2020 at 12:01 am

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Animus (Definition One)

"Modern Day" shit in Assassin's Creed has executed at various levels of quality, and it manifests in different areas of the game - much of it through text. I know I'm not the only person who likes some of that stuff, because Gavin and I used to share entries that we liked with each other. So I'm open to the idea that it's just Gavin and I, but it's definitely not just me.

I don't know how the teams that make these games feel about them. Some of these scenes feel like it's some ritual they have to carry forward, like… well, like most rituals. Somebody else made it and now you have to do it and it's not super clear why, but something bad might happen if you don't. I like the framing device, but not necessarily the execution because it seems like they were a chore to make and that leaches into the dough. It breaks the flow of play in ways it really seems like you wouldn't do on purpose.

If what's happening in the modern day parts isn't interesting or fun for most people, it's not a surprise to me that they react the way they do. But, uh… the stakes are incredible and the opportunities are unmatched? That's how I would put it? They need to treat those portions like they're worth including or they need to ARG it, let us play it out here in the world. Then again, people would probably just believe it if you did that. So let's focus on making it as cool as they rest of the games they inhabit.

Historically, sequels don't necessarily rise to the level of the founding document - but we're gonna take a run at it. Welcome to Black Friday The 13th.

Of course, it's Friday - the Motorsport Manager stream hits at 2pm PDT, it's on Twitch, etc. - and in a cosmic stroke of luck, Drop One of the Gabir Motors collection hits today, and all of it's on sale. In fact, apparel is up to sixty percent on sale, and that includes the Board Games crewneck that I essentially live in. That's not the one we're selling! The ones we have on the store are all new ones. I'm just saying it's probably my favorite thing we have.

All currently enabled ridiculousness is still in play, so… rewards for tiers, free shipping on orders over $100, all of the things on these images here, really!

(CW)TB out.

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