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Tycho / on Mon, Oct 25 2021 at 12:01 am

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The Ship Eater

There is no end to his wickedness and perfidy, and not merely as regards the cream his notoriety has enabled him to skim. At the last PAX Unplugged, I bought a bunch of VAST stuff from Leder Games, with the money that I earned from working. I had it shipped to the office because, if you have ever been to PAX Unplugged, you know it is very easy to purchase games and I had already done so to the maximum limit - filling even the extra bag I had brought, and then one additional bag I bought at the show to carry the other things I bought. It's a strange realm where, via some process cloaked from the eye of noble science, one game may become three.

It seemed to be taking a while for the games to come, but it was sort of a colloquial arrangement so it's all good. Plus, that was probably the last show after con season and I imagine that a few members of the team had entered their crystal sarcophagi by this time for a Long Rest. But no! When I wrote in later to ask, I discovered they had all been consumed by the dread maw, Mike Krahulik. He brought them back in, but they're tainted now. I don't even want them.

Anyway, the newest measure of my birthright he's stolen from me is apparently something called a Snap Ship, which I didn't even know about a week ago but now that it's been wrestled from my grasp I've found an affection for them kindled. That's a joke! I've never even touched one. Where I do become curious is that there is a wargame you can use them in they just announced at GenCon. It's a 2022 thing, but still! I think I can hold a grudge that long.

(CW)TB out.

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