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Tycho / 2 weeks ago

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The K Word

It's absolutely true that there is still an Xbox 360 with a Kinect hooked up in the living room. How else do you expect me to watch my Two Towers Director's Cut on DVD? Hang on, I gotta change the disc.

Double Fine Action Theater, and its sequel Kinect Party, might rule the stats for the venerable machine. Aside from Minecraft, I'm not sure there's another game that lasted as long as this one in the house. We played it so much that when other people come over and have never fucking heard of it - because it's a ten year old game that uses the Kinect - I'm always a little surprised, so deeply woven into our home culture it is. It's synonymous with some of the most carefree times in my life. I look back at that man, and I envy him, but think on some level that he doesn't think enough about the jaguar threat. It's possible that this new version of me thinks about them too much, but I wouldn't have to do that if jaguars weren't so inscrutable and omnipresent.

(I apologize for being who I am. It might help to know that I use the term Jaguar to describe the unrelenting animal terror the modern mind feels that is completely decoupled from the actual threat. These systems, designed to shield us from the evolutionary masterclass that is the large hunting cat, have been rerouted to things that feel like deadly existential but are not, like talking a little too much at a party.)

Dabe and I keep playing Storybook Brawl, because it is impossible to stop. Dabe couldn't help himself after Friday's stream and went super hard making an edit of our stream, complete with the "rad streamer preview," like so:

It's mostly me laughing when things go well and playing the skulking Wormtongue to Dabe's Theoden King. But! They must have heard of it, because they got hold of the channel and gave us some Fairy Dust to give away next time we stream. "Fairy Dust" doesn't mean cocaine in this context. But they also gave us some cocaine.


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