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Gabe / on Tue, Jan 10 2017 at 11:45 am

I am cursed

I ended up in the hospital on Sunday getting an emergency surgery to repair a nasty hernia. I went in the morning because I was in pain but did not expect to need an operation. It was a scary night but the folks at Evergreen hospital over in Kirkland were fantastic. Everything went well and they ended up sending me home the next day. I’m in bed now recovering and I’d like to thank Kris Straub for working with Tycho to make a couple strips for you guys this week and give me a little break. Just in the last three weeks I have had the flu, horrible food poisoning and now this. I am pretty sure that if I were to leave the house today, a piano would fall on me. 2016 was a rough year but I think 2017 might actually be trying to kill me.

I mentioned that we got my son Gabe a Cozmo for Christmas. I ended up checking it out with him and playing a few games. I was so impressed with it that I actually got one for myself to keep on my desk at work. I’m a huge fan of ANKI and all the stuff they make over there. We still play lots of Overdrive at my house and I just picked up one of the new “Supertrucks” to add to our collection. Years after its release they are still improving and adding to the Overdrive experience. That’s not something you see from a lot of developers, certainly not in the “toy” space. I would say that right now Cozmo is incredibly impressive, but a bit limited in terms of what you can do with him. Just like Overdrive though I am certain the folks at Anki will be updating and adding to his tool kit as time goes on. I really like Cozmo but even more than that I like supporting a company like ANKI that seems so dedicated to making beautifully designed, fun, and creative toys.

As you can imagine I am laid up in bed as I recover from this surgery. I ended up hitting Hulu this morning looking for Documentaries to watch and I found Fursonas. I don’t know what the feeling on this film inside the community is, but as an outsider I found it really fascinating and well done. Rather than focusing on the “Shock” value of people in animal costumes, this documentary was really about the people inside the suits. I thought it was great. I’ll probably be recovering for a couple more days at least. If you have any other good Documentary recommendations send them my way.

Thanks for all the well wishes on Twitter and in my email. I really do appreciate it. Also thanks again to Kris for stepping in on such short notice and giving me some time off to get better.

-Gabe out

Tycho / on Mon, Jan 9 2017 at 10:50 am

It turns out that very, very soon after Christmas all the stuff that was impossible to get just before that material and psychological wall is fucking omnipresent.  I always do feel a certain resentment toward that which is engineered to be loved; even as a love it, I feel the teeth of the trap on my calf.  The resentment is never more than the love, though.  It’s a human flaw I would never remove.

I have a ton of business stuff to get through!  Please endure it.

Hey!  For the Acquisitions Incorporated enthusiast in your life, which could actually be you, extend your holiday mirth with the Acquisitions Incorporated Holiday Special!  There’s a couple ways you can get at this motherfucker.  First, it’s five bucks for the HD version, because Louis CK sells things for five bucks.  That’s as sophisticated as my thinking was there.  And it’s on Amazon, specifically, Amazon Prime in these locations, which means it might actually be free for you! O_o

US - Amazon
UK - Also Amazon
DE - Amazon Too
JP - Still Amazon

Anywhere else on the Earth?  We’ve got you covered there, too, via Vimeo - that option has blanketed the rest of our globe in the warmth of the holiday hearth.  It seems like people really enjoyed it, and we enjoyed making it.  Historically, that’s a configuration poised for success.

Also!  We have a 15% off sale on all Merch-Merch, no coupon required or nothin’.  Standout items include the horrifying, reversible, skull-eating hat and the hoodie, which has one of my favorite designs by Kiko.  Enjoy!

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / on Fri, Jan 6 2017 at 10:42 am

Once I’ve seen a piece of clickbait a hundred or so times I’m gonna click on it.  I just am.  I want to know why they won’t hire Alyson Hannigan anymore (“because she’s really a witch in real life”).  I legit want to know what is so great about this Goddamn hoodie (“it’s a functioning Fremen stillsuit”).  Honestly, anything a person writes on the Internet is probably written so that another person will read it; it’s not weird to be desirous of the Click.  The information environment out there shapes all the creatures within it, and sometimes they turn Strange.  Then again, occasionally it’s warranted.  So who knows.

Hello!  I am Tycho, and Jerry, but also Omin Dran of Acquisitions Incorporated.  I think I’m mostly used to being this many people by now.  I really get cranked up for BBC Holiday Specials, and I wondered if we could do one for Acquisitions Incorporated, and it turns out you totally can.  If you turn on the cameras, tastefully appoint a library setting with tinsel, and then call the thing you’ve recorded a Holiday Special, nobody can stop you.  You can even release it January 6th!  The possibilities are endless.

We wanted to experiment with a Video On Demand type thing for it, and we have done so - the Acquisitions Incorporated Holiday Special is five bucks for 3 hours and 40 minutes of extemporaneous, heartwarming dungeon comedy - I chose five bucks because everything Louis C.K. does is five bucks and that seemed like a good number.  But!  The show is also free with Amazon Prime!  So, it might not cost you anything.  This is going to be a big year for AcqInc; technically, the big year for AcqInc started with the launch of the new pin set I guess, but you get it.  Just like with the Thornwatch game, it’s time to start spending some time in the places we’ve built.  Putting a roof up over them, living there for awhile.  Seeing what grows.

(Update with region specific links - we’should have Canada squared away soon.)

United Kingdom


Japan (UPDATE)

For virtually anybody else, Vimeo‘s got you covered.

(CW)TB out.

Gabe / on Fri, Jan 6 2017 at 10:08 am

Acquisitions Inc. Holiday Special!

I know that technically the “holiday season” has come to an end and we exist in a post holiday world now, but I think we could all still use some holiday cheer. That’s why I’d like to direct your attention to the Acquisitions Inc. holiday special that is available today on Amazon! This is a brand new adventure run by the incredible Chris Perkins and featuring AI players Jerry Holkins, Scott Kurtz, Patrick Rothfuss and myself. If you’re a Prime member the show is free and if you’re not, it will only run you $4.99. That’s more than three hours of D&D shenanigans for only five bucks!

This adventure starts in the sleepy town of Nightstone just as their Deadwinter festival is beginning. As you can imagine things don’t go as planned and it is up to Omin, Jim, Viari and Binwin to sort it out. Spells are cast, Axes are swung, interns are abused and I think I remember a chandelier or two. If you enjoyed the AI series you will dig this special. It has the same beautiful production thanks to the super talented Van Alan and his crew.

If you’re hungry for new Acquisitions Inc. and you can’t wait until PAX South, let this holiday special fill the AI shaped hole in your heart!


Here are the appropriate links for other regions:

United States

United Kingdom




Live in a place not covered by Amazon Video? You can grab it from Vimeo right here!

-Gabe out

Tycho / on Wed, Jan 4 2017 at 11:54 am

Gabriel took ill, and had a vision; I have entered it into the archives for posterity, in case future generations may gain wisdom thereby.

I wanted to tell you something about him, actually.  He was just doing something weird.  It’s not weird for him to do something weird, but this was a particular thing.  He was throwing away handfuls of art.

He was taking handfuls of art and scrunching them together.  “Why are you throwing away all that art?” I said.  “What art?” he said.  He rustled a handful of paper at the mouth of the garbage bag.  The piece of the top had been done with thick black pens, and every face he had drawn on there seemed surprised.  “Oh, you mean this?”

Let me take a moment to describe what he was throwing away.  They were sheets of paper, of various sizes and textures, and they were covered with art.  Some had art on both sides.  I think he had been trying to figure out what another Daughter of the Eyrewood might look like.  That’s one of the things I like about that setting: The Thornwatch don’t change clothes for…  reasons.  They look like they do.  The Lookouts all look the same, and it’s important that they do.  No Daughter is like any other Daughter; the headcanon possibilities are substantial.  But it means that any time we want to incorporate a Daughter (or a Mother, for that matter) she has no like.

“Yeah,” I said.  “I mean that art.”

“This isn’t art,” he said, and continued.

His process is completely different than mine.  If I go back far enough, I’ll definitely find the stuff I don’t like, and I’ll resent in some way the self that tolerated it.  Usually, though, I don’t really think there’s a thing as wasted work.  It all comes back eventually, and I try to remember that when I’m frustrated by a project.  He has to actively kill this other work, these other selves.  He wars with them.  The reason I mention it is that people often want to know about our process, either for their own use, or simply as a matter of curiosity.  It is two braided, opposing processes, and it looks like this.

Hey, we will be engaging in Twitchcraft around 2:00 PST, or as PST was once called, “Gabe Standard Time.”  Roll through this afternoon if you’d like company.  Come for the strange rituals, stay because you have been bound by a strange ritual, finding it impossible to leave.

(CW)TB out.

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