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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 24 2018 at 5:15 pm

PAX West 2018 Pin Quest!

Usually it’s “Gabriel’s Job” to offer this information, but this time the task has fallen to me.  Hopefully I won’t mess up Kiko’s immaculate formatting too much!  Without further ado:


PAX West 2018 Partner Pins

Fortnite Battle Royale Pin Set [Epic Games]
Receive a Fortnite Battle Royale 4 Pin Set by playing a full round of Lazy Links mini-golf located in the Annex, Level 1.

Wow and Love Pins [Facebook]
Available with tokens that can be earned by participating in several activities at the Facebook booth #803.

Neverwinter and Star Trek Online Pins [Perfect World Entertainment]
STAR TREK ONLINE: Available at Perfect World Entertainment’s Booth #1115. Take a photo in the Star Trek Captain’s Chair. Play one of our games. Share your email. Earn a pin! Make sure to first grab a postcard at the front desk to track all three required tasks and submit to receive the pin.
NEVERWINTER: Available at Perfect World Entertainment’s Booth #1115. Play Neverwinter. Play a second game at our booth. Share your email. Earn a pin! Make sure to first grab a postcard at the front desk to track all three required tasks and submit to receive the pin.

TRASH KING Pin [Annapurna Games]
Available at the Annapurna Games booth #11040. Complete the Donut County demo to acquire the TRASH KING pin.

Cuphead Pin [Microsoft]
Collect stamps by completing demos at the Microsoft booth #403 that can be redeemed for a pin at the Xbox merch booth.

Jason/Quincy Card Chomp Pin [Bill Amend]
Available for purchase at the Bill Amend table in Bandland.

Fracture the Cat Pin [Kris Straub]
Available for purchase at the Kris Straub table in Bandland.

Mega Man Pin [Capcom]
Receive a Mega Man pin by completing the Mega Man 11 demo at the Capcom USA booth #2109.

Kookaburra Pin [League of Geeks]
Available for purchase at the League of Geeks booth #6211.

Bit Brigade Pin [Bit Brigade]
Available for purchase at the Bit Brigade table in Bandland.

Sworcery Deer Pin [Capybara Games]
Available for purchase at the CAPY booth #114.

Orcane Pinny Pin [Dan Fornace]
Available for purchase with a free copy of Rivals of Aether for Steam at the Dan Fornace booth #120.

Knights and Bikes Pin [Double Fine]
Available for purchase at the Double Fine Productions booth #106.

Doorbot Pin [Dire Wolf Digital]
Available for purchase or free with purchase of Clank! or Clank! In! Space! at the Dire Wolf booth #7405.

Popori Pin [En Masse]
Redeem En Masse coins that can be earned by completing activities at the En Masse Entertainment booth #7410.

Night in the Woods Gregg Pin [Finji]
Available for purchase at the Finji booth #6210.

You Don’t Know Jack Pin [Jackbox Games]
Available at the Jackbox Stage.

Tabby Slime Rancher Pin [For Fans By Fans]
Available for purchase at the For Fans By Fans booth #7411.

Axe Pin [New Blood Interactive]
Available for purchase at the New Blood Interactive booth #6215.

Spoopy Pin [LoadingReadyRun]
Available for purchase at the LaodingReadyRun table in Bandland.

Take this Castle Pin [Take This]
Available at the Take This Hope booth in the Diversity Lounge with donation. All funds raised help continue our efforts at Take This.

Orange IMP Pin [Media Molecule]
Available for purchase at the Sony Interactive Entertainment booth #217.

Oculus Void Pin [Oculus]
Available at the Oculus stations in the VR Freeplay area located in the Westin, Level 4.

Overcooked Pin [Team17]
Collect stamps by completing demos at the Team17 booth #6011 that can be redeemed for a pin.

Rose Gold Glitch Pin [Twitch]
Collect stamps by completing tasks at the Twitch booth #1909 that can be redeemed for a pin. Limited pins available per day, only while supplies last. Pins will also be available at the Twitch Town Hall panel on Friday, 10:30 am in Wyvern Theater.

Darksiders III Pin [THQ Nordic]
Take a photo with your favorite Darksiders character or play a game demo at the THQ Nordic booth #2301 for the Darksiders III pin.

Vlambeer Logo Pin [Vlambeer]
Available at Vlambeer booth #6115.

VA-11 Hall-A Dorothy Pin [Ysbryd Games]
Available for purchase at the Ysbryd Games booth #6808.

Aftercharge Pin [Chainsawesome Games]
Available for purchase at the Chainsawesome Games booth #740.

Diablo’s Pin of Sin [Blizzard]
Available at the Nintendo of America booth #1939.


PAX West 2018 Pin Set
Available at the PAX Merch Booths located in the WSCC Atrium Lobby and the Sheraton Lobby.

Limited Edition PAX West 2018 Pin
ONLY available at the Sheraton Lobby PAX Merch Booth.

Merch 6.0 Pin
Available at both PAX Merch Booths.


Get your Pin Quest here.


Gabe / on Fri, Aug 24 2018 at 1:57 pm

Overwatch + Child’s Play + Twitch!

All the cheers during the Overwatch League All-Star Weekend go to Child’s Play.  Really, though!  Check it out!


Tycho / on Fri, Aug 24 2018 at 10:30 am

When Grickle and I were at Mox Boarding House last week, the Bellevue one, I saw a copy of Disney’s Villainous and felt that familiar shudder that accompanies surprise exposure to a pathogen.

We’ve all been subject to this kind of product, or, perhaps I should say, “this kind of product,” by which I mean the hasty, gauche application of a branded lacquer onto an otherwise languid design.  You get burned by something like this a couple times and then you institute a policy to protect yourself from this kind of excess.  You dig a moat around your heart.

Except Mike was up at Zulu’s Game Cafe, saw the beautiful cards and boards and was unable to resist.  But then he got fuckin’ seized by some really novel asymmetric gameplay and thoughtful commingling of theme and mechanics around these outsized personalities.  Something for you to consider, if - like me - you have “had your shots” when it comes to IP shenanigans.

I attend a lot of conventions a year, at least, I think so.  I feel like five is a lot.  Maybe that’s a reasonable amount and I only notice it because my tender, youthful cartilage has been ground away.  The danger of these shows is that it places me in close proximity to tabletop riches.  I have left things I brought with me to have more room for games to bring home.  The most dangerous show, ironically, is the smallest one - PAX Unplugged.  Sure, I’ve got time for another indie wargame(!!!).

I have a physical version of a Steam Backlog and there’s a real shame there.  It’s nonsensical in a way, but somehow I feel like I’m letting these boxes down…?

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / on Wed, Aug 22 2018 at 12:01 pm

Gabriel was asking me about a game called Legend of Soulgard, not anything to do with the game proper, but a word he saw constantly in the lexical mist that surrounds the launch of any modern product.  He wanted to know what they meant by “mid-core.”  I will tell you what I told him: “mid-core” means “a videogame.”

The one concession I will make toward Legend of Soulgard is that they did not put two As in Soulgard.  That’s to their credit.  I would have, even though it’s immoral.  This is why I can’t be trusted with the launch codes.  Beyond that, we may need custom language to even discuss this topic.  We have the term Clone to describe an artless duplication, and I’ve argued that we’re too free with the term; that “cloning” can also represent the founding of a coherent genre.  But we may need a term the equivalent of Doppelganger to describe what’s happening here.

Legend of Soulgard is a clone of the 2009 stunner Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.  Born on the DS, a “portable puzzle game tie-in for the Might and Magic brand” should have been an affront - an act of mercenary aggression.  But since it was made by Capybara Games, this was instead a delicious misdirection.  It was a tactics game that happened to be informed by savvy, effervescent puzzling.

Legend of Soulgard “inherits” this pedigree.  I read a review somewhere that grapples with this concept - that Legend is really someone else’s exhumed and necromantically animated idea - but ultimately decides that the mechanics they stole are super fun so it’s fine.  This is echoed in the comments afterward.  The sense one emerges with is that so long as the vast and unaccountable “market” craves something, there is a virtue in offering it regardless of its provenance.  I violently disagree.

I have been granted the merchandise banners by our merchandise manager Lidija, and dutifully I present them.  FEAST:

  (CW)TB out.

Tycho / on Mon, Aug 20 2018 at 1:37 pm

I was following some of the stuff around #DeactiDay, which is a hashtag you would see on Twitter about quitting Twitter.  I liked that.  I liked that the concept was so nested, so dense.  That you needed Twitter, needed there to be such a Thing as Twitter, in order to mount a campaign against Twitter.  I’m laughing right now.  Gabriel is laughing over on the couch because I just read that sentence to him.  But it’s true.

I use it for what I use it for.  I feel like it’s incumbent on me to make myself available to the people who have made my life possible, and so I do it.  If someone intends to harm me via Twitter they’ll only find a ruin; others have tried already, and what’s more, they have succeeded.  I think I’ve said it before: I came to believe I had died, once, purely from a full exposure to it.  I had to invent a new person and then I had to actively choose to be that person.

The Internet is a terrible, dangerous worksite.  OSHA would never approve this place.

A couple cool items to mention:

- Fortnite is coming to PAX West in a completely insane way, so insane that I could not fully encapsulate it for you, but it might be worth mentioning that there’s $1,500,000 dollar competition open to all attendees.  That’s…  I mean, look.  Everyone emerges from PAX in the same way one might emerge from a chrysalis.  But the idea that somebody is going to roll out of there with their life irrevocably altered is incredibly exciting to me.  Their four pin Pinny Arcade set, previewed here, also looks pretty fuckin’ cool.

- We played the very cool Bargain Quest on a sponsored stream once:

They have a Kickstarter going for the reprint plus a bunch of bonus content - some of which features a variety of characters from Acquisitions Incorporated, including the entire “C” Team.  This thing is going gangbusters, approaching ten times their original ask, but it’s a cute, fun game and I love the team behind it.  It’s our great pleasure to be a part.

  (CW)TB out.

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