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Gab likes Granblue Fantasy Relink so goddamn much that after playing it for fifteen or something hours on PS5, he ended up reinstalling to play with Kara on PC. He's now way past where he was on a new save and hasn't slowed down in any way. It has "cross platform play," but only on PS4 and PS5, which… I guess I don't consider that cross platform? It could be my advanced age, and the attendant ossification of my thought-meat, but I consider that just, like… "platform."


It's just like I told Morak: not being down with hyperpigs is like not being down with OPP. It's simply an inconceivable state. A pig like this, so elevated above the others? Preapproved for a card with a good rate? He lives with somebody right now, but they're thinking about moving out? It's a full spectrum hog and these other hogs out here are fuckin' cooked.



I understand that it's a little off brand, but it's not even close; Mork reads way more than I do. Now, it should be said: are the books I read of a more sophisticated nature? There's no question. Is there more nutrition for the mind in my stalwart tomes? I'll give you an index; my brain is forty-eight percent of my bodyweight. I mean, compare and contrast. How would something be written in his book, and opposed to mine? Let's look inside:


Future historians will refer to the "Arkhamization of Melee Combat" in their treatise on this era; it will be an entire section. It's not a hundred percent clear what they'll say about Suicide Squad yet. And since the only people who can play at the moment are authorized streamers and people who paid a hundred dollars, the dataset is somewhat confounded. The weirdest thing we can detect so far is that, however we jumped the track into this reality, Gotham Knights is much closer to the Arkham mold than Suicide Squad. That's a lot to take in.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Desire to Play

I played a few hours of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and came away completely uninterested in playing anymore of it. It’s 100% totally a looter shooter and I’ve played my fair share of those, but this one feels like it showed up years late. I’ve spent countless hours in Destiny and the Division looting and shooting. In both of those instances the game almost becomes a part time job. Sucide Squad has some cool mechanics but I can see the loop and honestly if it was an original IP I might be interested. As it stands though I have no desire to be one of these fuckwits for 20 hours a week.




Irsa Major

As someone who had the novel experience of operating a company during a global pandemic, occasionally I was made to interface with functionaries at varying levels of the government apparatus whose jobs were never under any kind of threat. It took me a really long time to figure out that the purpose of these organizations was to make getting what you're owed incredibly difficult. It's the only way to parse their incredibly clear actions. You would have to perform a profundity of mental labor to believe that their stated purpose is anything like the purpose they serve. If you did your part, and went through all this shit, and then had to pig-wrestle them for the money they say you're owed, from them, and they never gave it to you, and now you have been made to engage in a bunch of unpaid labor, it's no longer a tax return. Now it's a loan, with monthly interest - in any system that references reality.

Shroudinger's Cat

Maybe because I hadn't spent the last week gathering many of the same resources, when I popped into Enshrouded it got me pretty cranked up. Also, my damp larvae have brought back another January illness, the second one this month, so I'm kinda goof troop right now.


I assumed when I saw Gabe, his cool wife Kara, and their rad scion Noah all playing Palworld they were all playing it together. I was wrong; each of them is playing in their own entirely separate worlds. It's exactly the kind of game they would play together, as they had Valheim - but no. They all wanna, like… chop that wood themselves? Or Rorschach themselves into some kind of industrial grade despot?


Mister Joneser

I kinda like MachineGames, not only for their own cool shit, but as an organization of Starbreeze Studios escapees, who I also liked. I think that if it's possible to make an Indiana Jones game like the one in the trailer they released good, then they will. I think that just in general we're of the opinion that licensing Indiana Jones for anything other than novelty lunchboxes constitutes a form of necromancy.


Sam Altman is so adept at manipulating the media without them being conscious of it at all. He's in 'em like cordyceps - not since Trump has there been someone who just effortlessly injects their narratives and has them so dutifully rebroadcast. Because OpenAI is clearly in the wrong - because they fed their botchkin stuff they didn't own, in this case from one of the most respected manufacturers of news ever - they have had to change their tack somewhat. I boiled down a few of the industry's arguments before, but this is just a recitation of Meta's position here. And even then, it's stupid. His case is that they don't really need the New York Times' stuff, because they have so much other stuff. Well, first, it sounds like you kinda did need the New York Times' stuff, because you took it. Second, what is the copyright status of the rest of the corpus you just gestured at, Sam? There are types of idiocy which only the very intelligent may aspire to. Ordinarily it would be a great relief to have doofus argumentation like this as your foe, but losing to it is going to feel very, very bad.