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Literal Pulp

I don't really go in for the levels of idol worship considered normal among my people. When I see a toy still in a box, some part of me would rather see it destroyed through joyous play than sequestered in some airless cube, monastic and celibate. But… for paper goods? Like comics, or cards? Prophylactics, man. Every time.


We have detailed the life of the artist and their bizarre psychological texture before, though mostly as it relates to my associate Mr. Gribbz. I share similar dynamics, but they differ in a vital respect: the older a piece of work is for him, and "old" need only be a couple months, the more likely he is to hate it. I think it must have the unnerving feeling of a creature looking at its own dessicated molt. The work is, itself, the evidence of growth but it's also the evidence that you were once smaller upon some axis you endeavored to improve. For me, it's the opposite. Older work is the only way I can understand what I do at all.

Junior High Comics

By Gabe – June 10, 2022

Anyone interested in what I was drawing back around 1991? Well I found some old comic pages and I figured I should share.

On The TL

I downloaded Diablo Immortal on my phone, but deleted it before I made a character. I put the PC version on my computer and then removed it from the folder before I installed. I'm playing lots of shit right now, and I like all of it. Then I was reading a list of all the currencies, subcurrencies, tertiary value slivers, orbs, dusts, and various agglomerations of same in DI, and then we had the conversation in the strip plus Gabriel's description of the last two panels.



I was looking at a very long thread of Kermit the Frogs, or… maybe Kermits the Frog, les grenouilles, and they had all been generated by DALL-E 2 to place the titular amphibian in a variety of films. They looked pretty fucking good. I asked Gabe what he thought about this type of shit, he had a lot of thoughts, and we ended up talking for about an hour.

Southern Cuisine

I grabbed Sniper Elite 5 off game pass to see if it might be fun to play through in co-op with Dabe on Fridays, now that we wrapped up Tunic with all endings. I didn't know if it was one of those games where you gotta do a buncha dumb shit first before they let you play with your friends, maybe not the best stream experience, but no - you're good from the jump. I was having so much fun that I made myself stop so I could just do it all with somebody else. I loved Splinter Cell co-op and you rarely get to sneak around with other people. Just… something about it.


On My Mother's Side

It is fucking weird! I was trying to explain this to Trystan, perhaps better known as Walnut or Prism in this case, yesterday on the phone. I just did a search for "AD&D" on Groogle, to verify a couple things, and the first search result was something called "Accidental Death & Dismemberment," which isn't exactly what I was looking for but is still kinda true and a thing that absolutely happens in this game. This game used maim motherfuckers right and left. Like… Cory Maim. You know what I'm saying?


One of the things that results from this level of industry consolidation is even more consolidation. It happens for all the same reasons that the original ones did, the preconditions still exist, but then when the FTC asks you why this merger is necessary, you just gesture out your window at the Kaiju Amalgams they've feted previously. You indicate their chimerical body plan, the gnarled tusks, the trail of smoking, emerald slime behind them, and you say there's no way for us to even exist in this place with those things running around. Look at its taut, distended belly, the trapped spirits swirling within, desperate for release. It doesn't even matter what we make, they will say, our industry is a feeding ground. We must become monsters, or we will be food for monsters.


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Generation ZZZ

If you were wondering how MiYoHo was investing their Genshin billions, now we know. They're making some kind of crazy action thing called Zenless Zone Zero and it is exclusively for those with the natural and wholesome glow of youth, as opposed to humanity's waste products - remaindered husks of once vital souls, cherubic perfection fettered by the accretion of time and skin.