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Tycho / on Mon, Jul 28 2008 at 12:00 am

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San Diego Sketchbook: Felicitous

Later than usual, but then, I’m more exhausted than usual.  I’ve misplaced over fifty percent of my vocabulary.  Every sentence is a Goddamned psychic expedition.

Felicia Day is a person, a person you are almost certainly aware of, but Felicia Day is also a holiday that I celebrate in my heart.  Among other incredible feats, she will also be appearing on a panel at PAX.  At least, she was going to!  We’ll see.

This was easily the least psychotic San Diego Comic Con on record, and much credit must go to the friendly, sometimes shy, occasionally Scottish readers who endured long meditations on my namesake.  I can’t tell if previous years have pruned my lush fronds, slowly transforming me into an organism unfazed by this strange climate, or if I was simply reflecting Gabriel’s medicated calm.  Old standbys were present, and were well met.  This year’s ranks were bolstered significantly by scene giants like Randall Munroe of xkcd, a dapper triad from Cyanide and Happiness, and (in a red-hot brand of surprise, directly applied) R. K. Milholland of Something Positive.  This was the definitive show for Webcomics, a core sample of the medium, and I’m glad to have been present.

As for the convention itself well, this is all you really need to know.  Also, Dead Space was cool.  The audio, especially.

It looks like Bethesda started putting up the Fallout strips a week early, which I hope you will agree is a good thing.  Ever since the PoP2 debacle, we’ve pushed hard to get something more than press demos when a company asks us to take on a project.  To that end, they came out a few months ago and showed us where they were at on the game.  As the presentation concluded, I nodded my assent.  Gabriel was agitated by how large a role your character’s skills played, compared to your own manipulation of the controller.  I determined that if he didn’t like it, well, they must be doing something right.

(CW)TB out.

they all got that attitude

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