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Tycho / on Mon, Jan 7 2013 at 10:58 am

Child’s Play Infosplosion

Hey, do you want to see a really big number?  Try this one:  $5,085,761.  I have another number, too, which is even bigger.  Check this one out: $17,596,670.

The first of those two numbers is this year’s Child’s Play result, which is more than ever before by well over a million dollars.  There are many, many worthy charities out there, and the need was especially great this year, so I didn’t commence with my usual hard-sell.  But apparently the hard-sell isn’t required, because…  wow.  That’s more than the charity raised in the first five years of its operation.  The second number is Child’s Play donations to date, over the last ten years.  I think we may rightly call that “a mind-boggling, borderline confusing number,” and I think that we may allow ourselves two or three consecutive minutes of pride.

Jamie’s added a final post to the official Child’s Play Website with a message of breathless thanks to the community and well-deserved shoutouts for The Humble Bundle, LoadingReadyRun’s Desert Bus, Mario Marathon, and Zeldathon.


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