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Tycho / on Fri, Oct 23 2015 at 1:34 pm

PAX Aus Panel Changes

Because Gabe, who is also Mike, is now a 24/7 vomit fountain, we’re going to alter some of the panels.  In the future, maybe we can have a panel that focuses on vomit and engages all sides of the vomit debate, though I suspect we may have to find a place that sells Purell and tarps wholesale.

- The Two Q&A Panels are now Khoo And A panels!  Robert and I are going to handle them as a duo.  As such, we’ve got a new Q&A form if you’d like to ask Robert questions directly, which is a pretty rare opportunity.  He knows a lot of shit.

- For Saturday’s Make A Strip Panel, and Sunday’s Child’s Play Auction and Omegathon Final Round I will be accompanied by Kris Straub, he of the Chainsawsuit and the Broodhollow and the Starslip, if you’re old school.  He’s a good friend, and I was always glad he was coming down for the show, but now I’m really really glad.

For signings, we’re gonna do a special print of the program cover, and have Mike presign a bunch of them.  We’ll have three hundred signatures per signing ready to go, which should be able to satisfy most people?  I can also do a very convincing Gabe signature if pressed!  Let me know which you prefer.  We’ll pass out his special pin - sometimes called a “boss pin” - to our folks, and they won’t count against your “official trades” as per the rules.

I’ll see you next week, though I may still be enduring prophetic visions as a result of my prolonged sky journey.  Even that is a boon for you, though.  Take this opportunity to ask me questions about your future, and I will pierce the veil of time for you free of charge.


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