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Tycho / on Thu, Dec 31 2015 at 2:16 pm

Our Store Has Rad New Shit

I’m not kidding.  Three new rad things, plus Push Fight and DSBs (the latter of which might be gone by the time I hit post) are back in limited quantities.

Item 1: Fukubukuro
Item 2: New Year’s Pin
Item 3: Video Games Sweatshirt

I feel confident that Brian would like to tell you more, and he will do so, in the special Brian Quarantine Pen I have designated below.


Last year, we rang in the new year with our take on Fukubukuro. We printed some custom bags and filled them to overflowing with PA merch and memorabilia. Standard Fukubukuro tend to be a value play, filled with left-overs from the year that you can pick up at a discount in a blind format. And to be sure, the core of our bags hold true to this concept. I can tell you that we have you order your bags by size because we’re going to include some shirts. And some of those shirts ARE overstock. But we take the “Lucky Bags” concept to heart and anyone who purchased a bag from us last year can tell you that our shirts tend to be fun and are drawn from a lot that includes rare and out of print shirts as well.

We’ll be packing in some special items; some available only in these bags and even some super rare items.

The New Year’s Pin is also a New Year’s Eve Day tradition for us. It always has glitter and this year has an adorable baby.

The Video Games crewneck is an obvious shirt. We were shocked to discover that a unadorned shirt that just said “Video Games” did not already exist. So we made it. Dabe customized a font that we printed nice and thick for a retro “favorite sweatshirt” kind of feel. We also put a PA tag on the hem that has a secret message just for you and the PA logo for everyone else.

Finally, a couple of notes on the DSBs and Push Fight. Both are sure to move pretty quickly. I’ve set the DSB order limit to 5 instead of 12 to help ensure more people who would like to grab a few will have a chance. But we only have 400 available (we were out of boxes!). And if you want to know more about Push Fight, I think Tycho’s excellent post is a great place to start.


Thank you, Brian.  That’s sweet.  Anyway, for real, though.  Dabe’s Video Games sweatshirt thing is rad and it was too funny not to try and print a few.  They’re really, really nice.  If you got a gift card for Christmas, time to dig that mothertrucker out.


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