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Tycho / on Wed, Aug 3 2016 at 3:56 pm

PAX AUS Early Bird and Indie Showcase

Early Bird pricing for the show ends August 15th, after which it increases Five Dollars for both individual Day Passes and the Three Day.  So, grab tickets today.  Originally I typed “grab ticklets,” but don’t grab those, because they aren’t real.  Get tickets instead.  We will not be accepting ticklets at the door.

PAX Aus has somehow become my annual vacation.  The flight has a strange, surreal fringe, but it’s also the only time my body can actually relax.  About three hours into that flight my muscles become something like a vapor.  But Melbourne is also becoming more and more my place.  Not in a proprietary way; I guess it might be better to say that I am becoming part of it.  I have a Ramen spot there.  That’s how you know things have gotten serious.

The Australian Indie Showcase is a rich crop this time around.  Every PAX has its own way to feature indie stuff, that’s been true from the show’s founding.  It’s something we have a heart for.  What is especially wild about the AIS though is that you never see them just once: the Australian and NZ work that pops up is something I end up seeing all year round, it can’t be contained down there, and it is our great pleasure to give them an extra push.  Here are the selections for the showcase - I’ve tried to put some links in where I can to show how you can interact with this rad stuff TODAY if you want to.

The Adventure Pals by Massive Monster (Now On Kickstarter!)

The Eyes of Ara by 100 Stones Interactive (Humble, Steam)

Mini Metro by Dinosaur Polo Club (Humble, Steam)

Objects in Space by Flat Earth Games (Gameplay, Custom Hardware)

Paradigm by Jacob Janerka (Win/Mac Demo, Preorder)

Wildfire by Sneaky Bastards (Funded Kickstarter, Playable Alpha)

Congratulations, everybody!  Incredible stuff.


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