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Tycho / on Mon, Feb 27 2017 at 12:18 am

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You’ll be playing Horizon: Zero Dawn soon enough here, but since you need to manufacture practically every shot you fire from your weapons, it might be worth keeping an eye on what you’re putting out.  Sony’s had fairly strenuous limitations on streaming the product, much more strenuous than you might think for a game whose reviews came out a week ago and are all incredible.  I asked them, actually, because I wanted to stream it last Wednesday with Mr. Gribbz.  Alas; there are authentic mysteries here, most people still don’t know much about the game, and they want to safeguard that for as many people as possible

In other news: I have gotten weirdly obsessed with the Switch.

I sorta had it on lock before I saw Stephen Totilo’s homespun tales of carrying his around in a sock.  And then, as a licensed Gerstmanniac, I began absorbing his aggressive Switch spores.  It’s not even that people are completely unalloyed in their praise or that their experience has been flawless in every respect.  It’s literally not released for a reason.  But I’m nodding along with the form factor, the cozy app that extends the platform… it’s weird and cool.  They’re still doing weird, cool things.

Watching people approach this new Zelda has been a delight; they’ve apparently broken the formula over their knee.  And gimme them Snipperclips, obvs.  I could probably orchestrate a scam if I really wanted to; I couldn’t throw a rock and hit their office, but it wouldn’t take me very long to drive a rock over there and then, you know, just gently set it down.  But if I had a Nintendo Switch, I wouldn’t feel like I do now.  Just…  good, in a generalized way, content that a cool thing is about to happen, and if I can feel this for four more days I think I’m gonna do it.

Roll through the Twitch channel around 2:00 PST for card games with Ryan Hartman and usually myself, but this time it’s gonna be Dabe.  The truth is that Dabe is often waiting just off camera watching the stream, so he won’t have to move very far to join in.  I gotta go do some doctor shit.  I want to thank LauraQQ from over at HyperRPG for running the board for us last week while Josh was away, they do some cool stuff over there and it’s been fun sharing a studio with them.

(CW)TB out.

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