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Gabe / on Tue, Aug 30 2016 at 11:04 am

My Gears Team!

Tycho and I will battle at Gears of War 4 in just a few days. Let me introduce you to the team that will win.

Ryan Hartman will be the first to tell you just how great Ryan Hartman is at Gears of War, and he’s right about himself. During the previous For the Watch battle Ryan was actually on Tycho’s team. We all know how that turned out. The reality is that Ryan has always been my agent and his placement on Tycho’s team was simply my first move in the larger meta game. Now he has come home to roost and believe me, this motherfucker is going to roost hard.

Levin Sadsad is a good friend, a talented graphic designer and an ancient demon. His true name is Levin’oth Sadnog lord of the seven pits. He wears the skin of a man so that he can blend in among his prey. After we win he will drag the losers back to hell with him were they will suffer for eternity in his agony wells. Also his girlfriend is on Tycho’s team which seems kinda weird.

Van Blumreich returns to my team after helping me secure victory in the last For the Watch event. When not editing the Automata web series, he tells me he is doing Gears of War pushups. I didn’t ask him how those work exactly but he assured me they are very difficult to do and he claims to be able to do quite a few. So I told him to do as many as he can and then do one more. That’s the kind of hard ass I am.

might be my ace in the hole, if I understood poker metaphors. She plays games professionally and streams seven days a fucking week. She is a skilled gamer and a fierce competitor. I have a number of talented players on my team but Anne is the only true professional. This is what she does and she does it so well that she has made a career out of it. Come Friday evening she will clock in and go to fucking work. Victory is her job and she is my employee of the month.

The watch is mine and it will remain mine.

-Gabe out

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