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Gabe / on Fri, Apr 14 2017 at 10:11 am

Overwatch Uprising

I have to say that the new Overwatch mode Uprising is the most fun I have ever had with the game. Kara called it last night when she said is was basically a Destiny Strike but in Overwatch (and with 4 players yay!) . She is absolutely right and the reality is that I wish I could throw myself into a playlist of Uprising style encounters in OW just like I can enter the Strike playlist in Destiny. I enjoy PvP but Uprising is actually the game I want out of Overwatch.

These characters they’ve designed are amazing. It’s like each one of them is a beautiful sports car and until now we’ve only been able to play destruction derby with them. Uprising is like a brilliantly designed racetrack that really lets you see what these heroes can do. I have never felt more like Reinhardt than when I’m playing him in Uprising. Same with Tracer and all the others. To me it feels like this is how these characters were meant to be played.

It’s sad knowing that this is more of a novelty right now. It will only be around for a couple weeks and then it’s gone. Maybe they are just testing the waters. Maybe they want to know how fans react to a mode like this before they invest serious resources in it. I hope that’s the case and I hope that Blizzard decides to go all in on the concept. Uprising doesn’t feel like a fun diversion to me. It feels like a natural and integral part of the game that it has always been missing. Overwatch feels more complete now and losing it come May is going to hurt.

-Gabe out

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