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Tycho / on Fri, May 5 2017 at 12:00 pm

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The Re-Riser

It sort of goes back to the podcast for this week, entitled “Medley.”  For me, games are novel models of phenomena, keyhole glimpses into a manifold and incomprehensible reality.  For my longtime friend and ally Gurpy Grops, videogames are a visual medium, a novel way to experience art.  I start at the abstract and work down, he does the opposite.

In truth, I need never get to to the art.  He need never get to the underlying system (although if we’re maintaining the previous metaphor, it is an “overarching” system).  It is very strange to think that we are both adherents of a medium we were eating from opposite ends.  This is some Lady and the motherfucking Tramp shit.

I think Darksiders is a lot more clever than people give it credit for.  It’s true that some of the skulls are very large.  And there are a lot of them.  It’s possible there was a sale, I don’t know.  Some of the skulls have lava in their mouths.  I still stand by my original assertion.

  For Gabriel, Darksiders is a method of inhabiting the art of Joe Madureira.  He’s seen the materials released so far, and primarily detects a frigid void where the man’s influence had previously been.  If Joe Mad is not there, it isn’t even Darksiders by his definition.  He would direct you toward Battle Chasers: Nightwar, a novel mechanical hybrid by Joe’s new outfit Airship Syndicate.  I would direct you there also, only because it’s rad looking, and not as an explicit signatory on Gabriel’s campaign.

There’s information I need to make sure you know!  I don’t presume that a person sees every update, so I occasionally gotta tell you something you already heard.  I apologize in advance.

1. We need a graphic designer.  Here’s the post about it, but at the end of the day we need someone to work with Kiko, Gavin, and Dabe to define our presence as a cultural foundry.  Yes, I really talk like that.  Come work here, and you’ll see.  Hit ‘em up at with your portfolio.

2. PAX Unplugged tickets are on sale!  What are you doing Novermber 17th through the 19th?  Because I have a suggestion, and it involves tables.  Specifically the upper surface of the table, commonly known as “the top.”

3. In “The Sale That Is Not A Sale, Exactly,” our t-shirt prices are set to increase next Wednesday, from 20 to 24 bucks.  I talked about it a little bit on Wednesday, but there’s always more I could say.  I want the designers to have the best toys: access to superior materials, good partners, and novel processes.  Ultimately something had to give.  Just changing it with no warning seemed really rude to me though, and I wanted you to have a heads up.  If you want to grab anything before the price jumps, now is the time.

    (CW)TB out.

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