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Tycho / on Mon, May 8 2017 at 10:33 am

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New Things Are Bad

Once you have been alive long enough, you begin to see the superstructure.

Everyone is trying to build the board from Mouse Trap but nobody has the instructions.  This is true as a figurative, but also as a literal.  There might be pieces missing but nobody knows for sure.  People older than you are always saying that they built it just fine, they didn’t have any problems, but it’s impossible to believe them because you can just look around and see they didn’t know fuck about shit.

My cadre were supposedly “bleak, cynical, and disaffected,” which I don’t feel applies generally, but it’s a completely natural response to the Lie Factory they made for us to live in.  Now it’s recognized that everything is true, and nothing is forbidden, or perhaps it’s the opposite.  Our experience was that of feeling the water starting to fill up behind the dam, and watching the cracks start to appear.  Watching the surface of something we had been assured was firm and eternal flex and bulge like flesh.

So I always feel sympathy whenever I see an article about how millennials are or what millennials are supposedly like.  Media can’t decide whether to shame them or wring them out; they’re shiftless rodents, but they’ve also managed to disrupt every industry‚Ķ?  People build tools to live, and they make them from novel materials.  I don’t recognize them but they seem to work for you.  The only advice I would give is to start seeing yourself in this continuum sooner than later, because it’s going to help you a lot when the generation after you is injecting Yeezys into their eyeballs to get high.  It’ll give you a ground floor to help you process your obsolescence.

Speaking of Millennials:  Gonna leave up the request for designer portfolios one last day, and then we’ll start diggin’ through ‘em.  But: Hey!  We need a designer to help us fulfill our ancient destiny.  Send a portfolio to if that sounds like you.

    (CW)TB out.

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