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Gabe / on Wed, May 24 2017 at 12:37 pm

Thornwatch Update!

Making a tabletop game is a lot of work you guys. Thankfully I am surrounded by some ridiculously talented folks at Lone Shark and Penny Arcade. Kiko has been working on finalizing the layout for our cards and they are looking really cool. For a long time our cards have gotten the job done, but now it’s time to turn this stuff:

Into something I’m proud to put in a box. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the work Kiko has been doing:

While Kiko hammers out the graphic design I still have lots to illustrate. Specifically I am working on our Judges right now. If you’ve tested the game before you know that the Judge is our word for the game master but what is a Judge in the actual setting? They are our Gods.

The Eyrewood is “the judging wood” and so it makes sense that the deities of this world would be the Judges. They are divine entities that the people of this world recognize as the true masters of the Eyrwood. Judges are prayed to, feared, and cursed. Thornwatch will allow you to play as two different Judges. The first is the Judge of Stars and that’s the one I am working on right now. Here are a couple sketches.

There are a quite a few of these Judges in the Eyrwood. The initial Thornwatch game will give you the option of playing as one of two different Judges each with their own unique mechanics.

The plan is to reveal more of these Judges later and give you the opportunity to play as different ones. Fleshing out the Eyrewood has been so much fun. We’ve come up with a number of settings over the years but the Eyrwood is my favorite. Watching it come to life through this game has been incredible. I can’t wait for you all to get a chance to play in this world.

Speaking of Thornwatch art, I also wanted to share a rad song! Here’s Mike Selinker visiting with Amy Vorpahl as she performs her song “Tie a Knot”!

-Gabe out

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