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Tycho / on Fri, Jun 1 2018 at 10:50 am

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Well, Well

Gabriel has described this comic as a Public Service Announcement.  It’s a public service announcement from an alternate universe where people drink medicine out of magic holes.  Look!  I don’t know about it yet.  I just tried to help him.

We’ve seen Dauntless at a couple PAXes over the last year, the main reason I know about it is that Gabe kept pointing me toward it, and when something in that Exhibition Hall environment can defeat both

1. The cavernous din, and
2. His robust defensive matrix

I’m going to pay attention to it.  The last of these Takeaways was Trailblazers, something like Wipeout Meets Splatoon, which just came out.  But he’s been fucking with Dauntless night after night on his new PC, completely solo as far as I know, and there are so many elements about this that intrigue me.

We should probably establish that Dauntless is Monster-Hunterian in nature.  At least insofar as Hunt Monsters and wear their guts.  There are many other aspects of Monster Hunter aside from the expected, actions with less ennobling titles, and it it those other, bookkeeping style interactions that Dauntless seems to eschew.  It seems like a conscious effort to tighten the loop; to pass Go and Collect $200 more frequently.  They have a Founder’s Pack and I’m buy-curious.

My friend Morak and I are gonna try this shit out on the stream today during our usual slot at 2-4pm PST.  It wasn’t, like, planned or anything, Josh threw it on the boxes back in the studio though and I’m glad, because I hate monsters.

(CW)TB out.

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