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Gabe / on Mon, Jan 14 2019 at 2:11 pm

My new D&D Campaign

It’s been about eight years since I ran a home campaign but I’ve decided to start another one. My players are going to be my wife Kara along with my friends Amy the Falcone and Levin Sadsad. I asked them if they wanted to play straight up D&D or if I could futz with it a little bit. They all agreed that they were up for some futzing and so I went to work building out a little custom campaign setting. So we will be playing D&D 5e but it will be set in the world of Brightgrave. Here’s what the players know so far.


Not much is known about the events that took place more than 500 years ago. Much of the story is told through myth and song these days. They all relate a similar tale though. The Fall, when it came was sudden, and all the world was covered in darkness. Terrifying creatures beyond description appeared and the air itself turned thick and acrid. Priests of the day called it the Abyss and said it was a nightmare realm made of chaotic evil. The songs tell us it was the holy scholars of the temples who identified the Abyss, but it was the Magi who saved us from it.

In an effort to save what remained of their world, seven powerful Magi constructed seven spires across the world. They entombed themselves within these towers and through magical arts long lost, created the Lighthouses. These seven massive towers covered all the lands around them in a protective shield that held back the Abyss. As generations passed and the world was consumed by evil these seven Lighthouses became the last refuge for the survivors. Great capital cities grew up around the towers and life went on beneath the protection of their sprawling domes.

In the early days of the Lighthouses many of the capitals built elaborate monuments to mark the edges of their walls, sometimes even stationing guards there should the spell fail at some point. As the generations passed two things became clear. Nothing of the Abyss could penetrate the barrier a Lighthouse created and the spells themselves were slowly diminishing. Today these forts and statutes have been abandoned to the encroaching Abyss.

This knight’s sword tip once marked the edge of the barrier that protects the capital of Turalum.

In recent years the weakening of the shield walls has become more apparent.  Not only are the shields themselves slowly shrinking, but many of the people who used to live out near the edges of the capitals, have begun to move Lightward towards the spires. They report the strange behavior of animals near the barrier and even new beasts they cannot explain lurking in thier woods. Some even tell stories of Abyssal cults trying to communicate with creatures on the other side of the shield. Furthermore, the sudden appearance of Tieflings in the world has caused quite a stir. They are still few and far between but they appear to be able to navigate the Abyssal territory between cities without harm.

In ancient times people often made pilgrimages out to see the barrier. Today the lands around the walls are dark and haunted places. That is where the party finds themselves now. In the small town of Wardview on the very edge of Turalum and the Abyss.

So there is my setup. They have all created characters and Amy has already done some rad art.

Our first game will probably happen over queso and margaritas during PAX South. Not sure how often we will play just yet, but I will update you all as the campaign progresses with new art and stories of their adventure.

-Gabe out


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