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Tycho / on Mon, Oct 14 2019 at 12:01 am

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The Big Day

This was the fortieth PAX, which means it was my fortieth PAX.  A couple things about that.

First, I think I’ve never actually written out or maybe even said “fortierth” before.  It sure as shit doesn’t look like “fortieth.”  It looks like it says “for Teeth.”  I don’t think I like that.  Second, Kiko and I are now the only people who have been to every PAX.  They can’t mint anymore of us.  Because every PAX started in a different year, I haven’t had a robust way of keeping track of my score -  but that’s all settled now, because we’re at forty and there’s five “paxen” a year.  I can count them all from this show, the most recent PAX Aus, and I’ll always know where I’m at.  This will be a very good PAX to use for this purpose; I loved this show.  Remembering it will be easy.

My friend Kris Straub and I wrote this strip and he drew it on stage, to celebrate the very first Acquisitions Incorporated: Call of Cthulhu.  Like the Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team Halloween Special we did on Sunday, it’s not super easy to find right now.  You can dig around in the Twitch archive if you want to but it’s gonna be a rough ride probably.  I’ll link them in a post and on Tweeter when they hit YouTube, which has been pretty fast lately.  Plus, a big part of the Call of Cthulhu game was novel interactions with the person writing the captions, and these weren’t carried out over the feed - but Elyssa was able to get the transcript in full, so we’ll composite these together so you can experience it as the audience did.  Being perpetually observed by an invisible, inscrutable entity really sold the setting, for sure.

Alright, jumping on a plane so that I can fly for a whole day and then land the same day I took off.  I don’t trust time at all anymore and I think that’s probably gonna be permanent from here on out.

(CW)TB out.

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