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Tycho / on Mon, May 4 2020 at 2:56 pm

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So I’ve been spotting quite a few races for Grilby over the last week or so, I have a custom “Far Chase” camera angle that gives me the ability to see good deal more than he can.  There are a couple angles that give me trouble, and some portion of that must accrue to me, but some measure of it must also be attributed to the naked fact that we twitch, sweat, and bleed on the skin of a fallen world.  Break down the ratio however you like, but if possible, adjust the slider such that I retain an air of embattled heroism.

Ultimately, from a purely Game Perspective, “spotting” is simply a kind of gamified spectator mode.  Governing the vehicle itself requires almost the sum total of a person’s awareness.  But even beyond the focus required, there’s simply things you don’t know - when I use the rollbar cam in his car, it places me in something like the “passenger seat” of a car that doesn’t even have one.  I’m horrified at the lack of information available in there.  And the noise is unrelenting - I watch these races from a couple hundred feet up, where it’s quieter, and I try to fill in the information he doesn’t have.  I also remind him to return to best practices and to avoid cognitive distortions.  And then I take credit for his excellent work at the end, just like I’ve done for decades.  It’s the most me shit there is.

I think I had an idea about Oval Racing that was… incorrect, essentially that it is a manner of racing where one turns left in perpetuity, like a man cursed for some frighteningly specific offense to the gods.  What it actually is - and what we have an opportunity to learn each night, whether we’ve streamed the race or no - is that it is essentially a two hundred mile per hour ballet.  Because you lose this game if there’s no cars near you, granting you the draft - ahead, or behind.  And you can’t choose who you offer this buff to, which means it’s an odd series of momentary alliances.  I don’t think it’s possible to have been more wrong about it.  What else am I wrong about?  A ton, probably.  And that’s good, because I need something to do for the rest of my life.

I got into the channel late once and apparently some people in the channel offered to spot for him.  It made me physically fucking ill.

I don’t know why the car streams seem to work, but they do.  Part of it might be that it’s really the only time Mike and I can hang out, so we’re having a good time and some portion of that could be ported to the viewer.  The dynamics are essentially the same as Battle Royale in a lot of ways, and that’s already a known quantity when it comes to stream dynamics.  But I’m prepared to consider the idea that it might also just be cool.

(CW)TB out.

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