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Tycho / on Wed, Nov 18 2020 at 12:01 am

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Seven Minutes In Heaven

I was trying to get the gist of what the Ghost Rider movie was even about, and Gabriel was able to reconstruct these painful events with some difficulty. I watched a few clips online, and couldn't believe the levels of camp on display - I'm tempted to say it's just… bad, certainly that would save me a lot of cognitive resources, but it's so winky and plus Nic Cage is there that some weird, stark corner of my mind thinks you arrive at this kind of bad without a conscious effort.

Oh! It should be established that today is the anniversary of the first published Penny Arcade strip, which has served as a Capital A Anniversary since then, though anybody who makes stuff knows that there are various Inciting Events en route to the big one - I met someone in News Production who'd brought a Portfolio of work when everybody else just brought their backpacks. I was curious about that, and was given a tour of the goods. Arguably, that's what is responsible for all this, so if you have recently come into the possession of a time machine and want to engage in a few choice edits to the timeline you'll want to set it for around September 6th, 1993. It's gonna involve going to Spokane. I should tell you that up front. Maybe that changes the math.

Then again, you might also want to intercede slightly later, when we were making copies of a comic we made and convinced the owner of Gorilla Bob's comic shop to place them very near - though not too near - the register, where they looked for all the world like legitimate products. It suggested twenty-five cents on the cover, but in truth we would have been delighted if someone had just... looked at it.

It's also possible that you might want to insert yourself into the food court where the prototype for PAX was held, or maybe a later version of it that took place in Canada where a few enterprising dorks managed to steal Internet for the LAN from rooftop dishes downtown. Lots of opportunities for the enterprising chrononaut.

The main thing to understand is that a lot of times, the rungs on route to where you're going might not look like much. Your theoretical time assassin would need a lot of very strict instructions on how to deter you. What this means is that, as weird as it seems, as small as the acts may be, you are doing it even now.  Let that be a comfort to you in this haunted part of the year, when it gets dark around fucking noon.

(CW)TB out.

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