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Tycho / on Wed, Mar 3 2021 at 12:01 am

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As A Treat

I had to shift some text into previous panels, but I was able - and pleased to be able - to grant the request.

Alien has a complicated history as a soil for creative projects. This is probably the most diplomatic way I can put it. I've softened a little bit on 3. But if I said that the first two were almost perfect films, whose reliance on practical effects mean that they still read correctly to the eye, a refusal to join that grim fraternity of movies whose CG marks them forever as artifacts of a particular time, that would mostly collect my thoughts on it. They also have real things to say, things we steadfastly refuse to listen to, even though they did everything they could to communicate those things to us in a way we could metabolize.

There isn't a lot known about the newly announced Aliens: Fireteam yet that you can't sort of guess. It's got classes and progression and three player lobbies. Don't really know about the developer, Cold Iron Studios, except that they're founded by Cryptic escapees and their company has changed hands what I would describe as a "harrowing number of times" while they've been trying to crank this thing out. All I can really point to is the trailer, which I genuinely think is executed well, A++, would trail again:

I am, I would say, pretty serious about Alien shit; I tend not to really understand the true edge in fandom, the recursive blade whose purity of affection for the thing is indistinguishable from hatred. But I am absolutely that person when it comes to this one thing, and conscious of the abuses heaped upon its proponents in the holy name of Q4, which has scourg'd so many. I'm listening, though. You did a bunch of the right shit. Let's see what you got.

(CW)TB out.

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