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Tycho / on Fri, Mar 5 2021 at 12:01 am

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D And Or D

I guess I don't really care who they attach next to the D&D movie because Dungeons & Dragons doesn't exist.

Obviously, you can buy a book called that. And that name is apparently enough to make people write about what you're doing; it's been rehabilitated. Even attractive people are said to play it! Even those whose skin is not moist and dry, like a toad. But when a person says there is a Dungeons & Dragons movie, I don't know what that means - and not just so I can be obtuse online. I mean it's so diffuse as to be an aerosol.

Now, there are settings in D&D. There are places and social dynamics and various approaches to a kind of mystical conception of physics. Some of them - honestly, in general - are good. They'd all work in the right hands; people have been telling stories in them forever. Sometimes, there's even a recipe on the box you can make. It's fine! They could also create a setting for the movie, to give themselves the maximum amount of tether, then launch a book of it if they wanted to alongside a Magic: The Gathering block. Doesn't that have the ring of prophecy? I guess we'll see. Maybe the new movie could incorporate a Ring of Prophecy somehow. But stop waving this shit in my face in eager anticipation of a salivary response. You have a lot to prove.

Gabir Motors fans, rejoice. And behold. After our last 4th and 5th place showing - both cars in the points, to Chairperson Bo Chonglin's delight - a second year in Formula 2 seems almost assured. Gently guided by pit crew expertise, we've settled on split strategies that make the most of our team - and the Gorgon platform. Stop by at 4pm PDT to see racing executed at its absolute zenith - only on Twinch.

(CW)TB out.

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