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Tycho / on Mon, Mar 8 2021 at 12:01 am

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Sticker Shock

Theoretically, because the different streaming platforms are really just… websites, switching between them should be trivial. Like, if there's a streamer you really like and they move it shouldn't matter that much. But it definitely matters, as those streamers and platforms who have tried to make plays were able to discern very quickly. Materially we are talking about a click, but in terms of consumer behavior? It's like trying to grab the moon from the surface of the Earth.

So I'm sort of conscious of things like Super Stickers and Super Chat, but only because they constitute a monetization schema roughly analogous to things I can map onto Twitch or could have mapped onto Mixer before the ante to play that game got too high. I'm interested in how people make a life for themselves on these platforms, which we have described - correctly - as somewhere between Gig Work and an MLM.

Gabriel was not as familiar with these terms, and some research was required to truly grok the incredible sums the young man had amassed, what had even been purchased with it. It's like a gif, basically.

He'd bought some gifs.

The Elder Horn has sounded, and we heed its call: the brutal warlord Gary Whitta, who wrote all those movies you like so much, and his greasy, semi-conscious polyp the False And Despicable Will Smith dared to raise a club in our direction from atop their ancestral home, Mount Dumb. They have the temerity to again test not only our mettle but the sacred alloys that make up our weapons of war. Which, honestly, is probably a super good idea for them because they have won virtually every time. But the old PGA Tour 2k1 rivalry is back on, Wednesday at 2pm PDT on our Twitch thing.

(CW)TB out.

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