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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 9 2021 at 12:01 am

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Panic Of The Satanic Variety

It's a really twisted business model to rob people of the sunset of their lives by goading them with shit they never would have seen otherwise. Grandma doesn't need to know about this shit. She doesn't need to know about demonic sneakers. Unless Lil Nas X drops a sick collab with Dr. Scholls, she's good.

I was raised to think of Satan as a real person, so when songs or album covers invoked this kind of imagery and they told me it was all devil worship I believed them - except it was more or less all marketing to taunt squares. Taunting squares is good fucking money. But Ozzy Osborne is a fucking doofus. Go watch any of that "satanic" shit - it's dorks all the way down. Putting aside for the moment the fact - the incontrovertible fact - that there's no such thing as a Satan, the most square thing you can do is to take the fucking bait. This is a masterclass in trolling from a digital native, and the end result is that it's number one wherever people count things like this and more people know about it than ever. Plus, the video ends with Lil Nas X in the very throne room of Hell, murdering Satan. Doesn't this motherfucker get any points for that?!

Tender new drops on the store today; you have your choice of unisex chenille comfort for that chest slot or an ironic take on an old favorite. First, the sweatshirt:

With a really nice detail shot:

And also the Tee,

Emblazon'd upon the sleeve with a well known sigil:

In the pause between Seasons in Motorsport Manager - and because we're both sort of obsessed with it - we're gonna do Monster Hunter Rise for this afternoon's stream. We'll get back to the racing and the cars soon, but for now there's way too many monsters and we have the solution. Technically I might be speaking out of turn here, but the solution we have involves clubs - some of which are also instruments. Come see how clubs and a wyvern's bony head crest intersect today at 2pm PDT, in the usual place.

(CW)TB out.

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