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Gabe / on Tue, Apr 27 2021 at 12:01 am

Gunpla stream today!

Last year around this time I discovered sim racing and this year I’ve discovered Gunpla. I guess I’m just a sucker for a new hobby. I’ve seen Gundam models in hobby shops my entire life, but I had never seen any of the shows and while I thought the robots looked cool, I just never investigated them. I certainly had no idea that they fit together entirely without glue or that the models came in a variety of grades each with its own level of difficulty and detail. After starting the original series on a lark a couple weeks ago, I became a fast fan of the story and the setting. I picked up a beginner level Gunpla kit and built it with my son Noah who just turned 11 yesterday. We had so much fun we moved up right away to the next grade of difficulty called High Grade. These kits are the same size (1/144) but much more intricate and fun to build. 

This model was a blast to put together and now I’m learning a lot about how to finish them so they look their best. I’ll be streaming my next build on Twitch today at 1:30PT but I want to make sure you all know going into this that I am not great at it. I am not even good at it yet, but just like my first sim racing streams I am excited to learn all I can. I've got a setup here that I think will work for streaming the model building. We are building Gundam Astaroth today and If you'd like you can even follow along with the instructions.

So if you have Gunpla knowledge please feel free to stop by the stream today and share. Or, if you have no idea what these robot models are all about, you can come and learn along with me. Honestly If you’ve never actually seen how one of these kits goes together it’s really slick, so stop by today at 1:30PT for chill beats and tiny plastic robots

-Gabe out

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