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Tycho / on Wed, Jun 9 2021 at 12:01 am

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Our Tender Jarls

The main thing you have to know about streaming platforms is that their dynamics are such that it's too rich for Microsoft's blood. Microsoft. After squeezing to the tune of millions and millions of dollars, they determined that the volume and quality of the juice hadn't been worth it. Which is too bad, because it was… kinda good. The latency was really low; it felt like you could have real conversations with chat almost. It had a built-in studio you could use to manufacture cool interactions for your channel.

Facebook is extending a program where they don't get a cut of subscriptions. We should be as clear as they are, though - you get full value for subs, yes, provided they are purchased on desktop.

This means, in essence, that when your grandma subs to your channel you'll extract the full value. I'm not sayin' that's nothin'. Grandma's gonna sub. You know she's good for it.

And so, yeah, we have to make a comic strip about it, but it's worth mentioning at least that Facebook has done things like license music so streamers don't have to worry about shit like that. These things are really cool. They don't seem to matter. Incredibly famous YouTubers… stream on Twitch. Because that's where the streaming happens. The kind of dominance you can amass online, without the natural, ordinary, nettlesome challenges of the physical world, is incredibly durable. I love that there exists anywhere somebody who can provide something approximating competition in this space, a game played by giants, whose ante alone reaches into the inconceivable.

You remember this, right?! Because it's fucking today!!!

Much love to Lambert House, who receives all viewer donations. Remember also that all profit from Gavin's Pride pin set supports them also. Our PRIDE LOVE pin offers a similar, sleek charitable profile, but supports the work of Gay Gaming Professionals (GGP) instead. But why choose? Both pins will fit in your cart at once.

Today is hopefully my last round of Solo PVE Golf, because after E3 we should get our Will Smith back, the Will Smith that - regardless of what I might have said before - I consider the authentic and true Will Smith. But I'll be there checking out the best courses the community has to offer on PGA Tour 2k1 from 2pm PDT to 3:50 or so, when I'll drop out for the Pride game's pre-roll.

(CW)TB out.

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