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Tycho / on Wed, Jul 14 2021 at 12:01 am

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Apple Bottom Genes

Mr. Gribbz started with the demo of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Long Name, which seemed to run kinda raw on Switch, and swiftly moved up to the PC version where it essentially looks like an animated series running in 4k. There's a demo of it on Steam, too, if you want to see what we're talking about.

It's Pokemon. But ultimately it's a Rock Paper Scissors thing, and I don't mean that to denigrate it. Rock Paper Scissors still has a ton of headroom, actually. Upcoming fighting-game-with-cards Pocket Paragons found a new angle, and Torchbearer - a pen and paper RPG that is essentially D&D through the lens of survival horror - essentially has an aftermarket version of RPS at its core. They've blown it the fuck out in Monster Hunter Stories, giving you menu based combat that's still surprising and dynamic. Think about how much Gabe does not like things. He likes this. Oh, and there's this weird little genetic tic-tac-toe thing in there, like a helical take on a sphere grid intimate to each special beast, which can compel the player like a mystical geas.

PAX Online East Starts Tomorrow - online badges are up now. Soon will the Discord open, but we have the Panels lined up including the return of a certain Acquisitions Incorporated franchise from the Dessarin Valley - The "C" Team, I'm talking about The "C" Team. There is also the incredible Camp PAX merchandise line, which exhorts the digital attendee to savor The Great Indoors:

It's just unbelievably good, what the designers put together for you.

Today, GOLGOLFA returns - in a radical new configuration. Join myself, Not That Will Smith, Gary Whitta, and Canadian Golf Savant (among many, many other things) the Naomi Kyle will do battle in the dialectic of Mario Golf. Now sure how long we'll have everybody, so probably best to show up at 2pm PDT when it all gets going.

(CW)TB out.

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