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Tycho / on Fri, Nov 5 2021 at 12:01 am

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Sure Whatever

I'm not, like… mad, it's a great comfort to me if something looks so dumb that it's going to save me the time of watching it. I've put Morbius in that category after the trailer. I was iffy before Jared Leto says he has "some form of bat radar," and that utterance sheared the entire face of it off. And look, I love to be wrong. If you aren't working on a nuclear warhead, it's probably fine to be wrong. I love to move things from the category of Oblivion back into Being; I lose absolutely nothing when I reconsider phenomena. If anything, I profit from it.

It's like… Venom is kinda silly, right, but it has the greatest working actor alive today - Tom Hardy. I'll try anything with Tom Hardy. I'll fucking try Tom Hardy. I don't hate Thirty Seconds To Mars, but Jared Leto can't offer the same buoyancy as a… whatever the fuck he's supposed to be.

I feel like rot has set into the genre, frankly. I couldn't make heads or fucking tales of a single Eternals thing they showed, it looked unwatchable in a very obvious way, and reading the first reviews you could tell - purely in the negative space around the language they used - that they had fucked up. Morbius and Eternals give me the same vibe, although at least Morbius seems to recognize it's at least a little stupid. It's at the point where you can tell what they think of their audience, and it's nothing good.

Eternals is the kind of bad that literally makes me think they don't know what good is. It makes me think there's some kind of gas leak over there that is suppressing cognition. When I watched these new Star Wars movies, I was like… man. They need the kind of discipline and focus they have over on the Marvel side. But they don't have it over there either, now. I thought Disney+ was going to be the budget, remaindered portion of the operation, but now it's literally the only tendril of the operation I trust to execute these brands at all.

I was asking Mr. Gribbs how Forza Horizon 5 was, and he said he could just show me on stream at 2pm PDT. See you then!

(CW)TB out.

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