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Venerable And Inscrutable

Now I'm on another plane, the 737 MAX, whose various debilitations and inopportune door-fallings-out resulted in the removal of Boeing's CEO just an hour or so ago. The only  reason he had this job in the first place is because of the 2019-2021 groundings launched his predecessor into space - a trip through the Wikipedia Page about the incident describes the shit this other asshole was exiled for, and it's utterly fucking nuts. It's hard to believe I'm just learning this details now, and the idea that it didn't result in an internal culture that would forestall their current troubles makes me think we need to bring back the fucking stocks.

Leg Room: Infinite

I'm determined not to think very hard about these airplane parts! Mork was telling me that you can change a plane a little at a time, and if the change doesn't go beyond a certain percentage, you don't have to register it as a new plane. Like a Ship Of Theseus kinda thing. Are they making these changes in mid-air? Is that why twisted sheets of metal, hydraulic fluid, landing gear, and literal doors are being shed as the plane itself shrugs and groans?!? I'm writing this in the airport! Can't wait to board.

Friday Update from Grob!

I'm at home this weekend playing games and making comics, but I hope everyone at PAX East has a great time at the show! If you are there, be sure and grab my Marvel Snap Captain America variant! It’s free and comes with a kick ass card back celebrating 20 years of PAX!


Yikers Island

It seems like every day, a different part of an airplane - one I haven't really heard of before, a flange or manifold - shears off a plane and falls on cars in the parking lot. It's entirely possible that these aren't even especially important pieces! Friends, the "woggler" may not even be responsible for keeping the plane airborne. That said, purely as a rhetorical excursion, I would like it to remain firmly attached to the plane. Is that a reasonable request? Is there a place I can file that?


I Feel the Need...

There are some great deals on Need for Speed games during the Steam Spring sale. They are all either 90% or 95% off! If you’re looking for some arcade racing action there are some great options here. I’ll share the ones I’ve been playing lately. 




I have a lot of The Crow trivia that is very powerful and must be deployed with all haste. Did you know that, for example, my wife Brenna was able to secure the Brandon Bruce Lee Scholarship at Whitman College? Huh? Didja? Now… did you know that The Crow: City Of Angels is the only movie I have ever walked out of? I was watching it with Mork. It was VERY BAD. I guess this is all technically Me trivia. But, as someone who was in my last year of High School when the first Crow came out - and thus almost cosmically situated to observe the phenomena - I don't have a problem with the new trailer.

Daddy Issues

Playing Sid Meier's Civilization on David Lishner's 386, I think I couldn't have imagined a couple things. One, that there would eventually be six of these motherfuckers. You don't really understand how time works when you are a larva, and what's more, it would be several additional years before I stopped believing in the rapture.

Gaming With Your Kids!

Playing games like Monopoly or in our case Civilization VI with your kids really gives you a fun glimpse into their personalities and can introduce great opportunities to teach some real life lessons. Monopoly can teach them about the realities of paying rent and managing your money while Civ can teach them how to dominate the world through brutal nuclear war. 




History Lesson

I saw this Business Insider article titled “The 8 people who made Dungeons & Dragons cool just launched their answer to the game. Hasbro and its game empire should be very, very nervous.” and then I remembered back in 2016 when Acquisitions Incorporated played D&D in the Benaroya Symphony Hall and it was a Fathom Event you could watch live in over 300 movie theaters across the country. That was pretty cool. 

-Gabe Out



This Dean Takahashi interview with Chris Cocks is a wild ride. The thing about Hasbro that is so confusing is that they're obviously doing what they're supposed to do according to the strange laws that exist at their scale. I don't mean to say that these laws comport with anything we would recognize aesthetically or ethically. I mean that we can see the springs and gears move and understand precisely why they're doing the things they are. Waist deep in muck, it can be hard to remember. But we aren't the audience for this article, and the clientele for kaiju-tier megafauna aren't "people" in the traditional sense, but capital markets.

Mike Racecar!

By Gabe – March 13, 2024

The latest update to iRacing has got me back behind the virtual wheel. I did a quick test last night to make sure all my equipment worked for streaming and not only did it all work, but I got second place in the race! 




Love and Games

If you started reading Penny Arcade back in the before times, you might remember I asked my then girlfriend to marry me in comic form. Sometimes it can be strange having what is in many ways my diary online for so long. This is one of the events I’m glad to have immortalized and today Kara and I celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary! 



I Got Muad'Dibs

We messed around with Funcom's Conan Exiles for the "length" of time many did - to see how these twisted Swedes had embroidered a physics operative human phallus. However much space it might have taken up in the budget, their proprietary dongsim must certainly have paid itself back in earned media. I thought it was cool but the style of game it is means I'd have to get a bunch of people to join me, plus it is very scary. But… I don't know. This Dune variant of Funcom's "thing" - a "thing" they've been conceiving and building upon for decades - might bring me around. Especially with that Collector's Edition. Yowza!


Steam will allow you to curate certain portions of your library into the ether, either at time of purchase or later. It's also incredibly easy to do: you just right click on a game in your library, choose the Manage item from the dropdown, and choose Mark As Private. You can even do it with a shift-click group select, and do many, many games at once - a fact I mention just off-hand, for absolutely no reason, and not because it has any particular salience to my own intensely pure situation.