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DOOM Multiplayer

DOOM is fantastic. I’m just about done with the single player campaign after putting 8 or so hours into it. I’m already planning on going back and playing it again on a harder difficulty which is something I NEVER do. I’ve read a lot of good stuff about DOOM which makes me super happy but a bunch of the reviews seem to think the multiplayer is no fun. I decided to take a break from the campaign on Saturday and ended up playing multi for three straight hours. I could not stop! I played a bit this afternoon and set up a stream. Here’s the video in case your interested in what the multi looks like.

Watch live video from pennyarcade on

If you liked playing Doom, Quake and Unreal Tournament back in the day, you will feel right at home here. This is a no bullshit, ridiculously fast 90’s shooter and I love everything about it.

-Gabe out

Tycho / 1 week ago

There is a completely natural, thoroughly understandable wariness between gaming press and publishers.  It’s not just the way it should be, it’s the way it literally is.  We have discussed it before, and not that long ago, in this strip and the post which accompanied it.

I get codes sometimes, God knows why, but if somebody doesn’t send me a code I don’t come on here and say “mean man no send me code” in a way that isn’t intended as a joke about trying to scam codes.  The early codes alone lead to no end of problems from a rhetorical perspective, and they make you a liar retroactively, because what you’re playing isn’t what anybody who buys the game is getting.  Those working servers, for example.  Those scheduled playtimes that stuff matches with combatants.  A build before several gigs worth of Day One patch.

As often as not, in the reviews I read from The Review Places I frequent, the software product is just grist for some kind of creative writing project slash performance art piece half the time anyway.  I ain’t even mad.  You do your shit.  You have to, because when it comes time to do your own thing, you have to know what you sound like.  It’s all good.  But the people who produce these games are not obligated to pay for that, or enable it, or enable you, or take any time out of their day to make sure you have their stuff for free.  They don’t have to come talk to us anymore - you, or me.  The action isn’t in text or still images now.  Do you think there’s something about this that I don’t know?

There was a time where I would have said not throwing your work to the lions would have represented some paucity of virtue on the part of the product; such times appear to be over.  This is a game people refer to in the same sentence as Tony Hawk or Bulletstorm, which should make no sense, until you see that its melee “Glory Kills” essentially turn enemies into platforms you must jump between to stay alive.  The headroom in this, mechanically, is luxuriant in its volume.  They could play around with this for years.  Doom could be back - not as a one off, but as a going concern.

The way I’ve typically seen it presented is that the campaign is good, but the multiplayer is bad, or even foul, with a layer of scum baked on by a cruel sun.  Gabriel has played hours and hours of it.  Now, if you have spent any time around here, you will know that I’m not presenting the affection of a common Grob as some kind of litmus test.  What I will say is that it’s a creature of another era: specifically, our era.  It is like an Otter Pop.  Do you know about those?  It’s actually better for my metaphor if you don’t: it’s a tasty thing which has, over the years, become commingled with the memory of a time and place until it’s no longer an object but a psychomaterial amalgam.  Doom multiplayer is really Quake-Doom, or “Quoom,” and something about its dizzying speed and consciously ridiculous hell bullshit rouses some mothballed skills we thought might stay in that box forever.

(CW)TB out.

act natural

Tycho / 1 week ago

PAX South 2017 Tickets Available

I love this show.  You should come check it out.


Tycho / 1 week ago

Such is my immunity to the Supernatural in general and the show Supernatural in particular that, until the last PAX Aus I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what it was.  Jeff Kalles here at the office is a huge fan; I’m sure he would like to rep for all the fans who are not ensorcelled wives.  I will allow it.

I was on Tumblr enough to see gifs of handsome men in coats smoldering.  They would just smolder and smolder, until the heat would warp and bend the monitor.  They don’t need to be referred to with any specificity in that realm, where they rule as a fraternity of god-equals.  The sort of pornography I prefer could not be broadcast on normal television; this is a pretty good trick.

And it is absolutely pornography.  My YouTube feed has been made so tawdry and useless by searches of the form “Top Ten Movie Kisses 2015” and “Charlie Blair Hot Kisses,” which serve the same material purpose as the Internet’s foulest gutters, I don’t know how they possibly could, but I have enough evidence to know that this is the case in my own house.

Virtual Desktop and the Vive’s bluetooth phone integration are more futuristic to me than even being present in a digital place - more futuristic than dwelling in an all encompassing cyberverse.  You could make the case that this is super dumb and I would grant it because you might be right and it will save me a lot of time.  The fact that the controller for the Vive has no battery indicator in real life but has one in VR is emblematic of a world where VR and The World aren’t two places, but is instead one incredibly mutable place informed intimately by another.

Virtual Desktop allows you to get to VR ubiquity ahead of the natural curve.  The Vive limbo space - the place we call the Hub in my family, because we needed a name for the universal unplace - has access to a panel which replicates the desktop, but is not an especially functional manifestation.  VR Desktop lets you use your computer however you want to, just with the goggles on.  The screen is whatever you want it to be, wherever you want it to be, as though you lived in a time where “monitor” simply meant “information window” but implied no particular shape or scale, which is fucked.  it’s essential equipment, like an Adventurer’s Kit.

Receiving texts and calls in there is another way that these two places bleed into each other around the edges.  VR hasn’t been a place I could receive calls - I had to leave it to do that.  Honestly, maybe that’s a good thing.  But communication of this kind is a “feature” that I expect from a reality.  You know?  Virtual space is absorbing ordinary space at an incredible rate, and every time it does, it becomes more real.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 weeks ago

I saw Batman v Superman and didn’t hate it as much as I was supposed to.  It was mostly confusing, honestly; my first edit pass on this script would have involved a machete.  Writing is incredibly cheap, I’ll never understand why you would film that script but I’m typing in the dark up in Seattle and not supine in the blood channels of some Los Angeles ziggurat.  Maybe there is something about being drowned in unholy blood that illuminates their decision making process.

Maybe I haven’t eaten enough jaguar hearts.  Right?  If they had taken better care at every stage of the production, maybe they wouldn’t have taken in a paltry 863 million dollars.

Civil War is another creature entirely.  A big part of that is these fuckin’ guys, who made the best - that is to say, my favorite - Marvel movie previously.  Age of Ultron made me think a movie like Civil War wouldn’t even be possible.  Did I ever talk about that?  I don’t remember if I did or not.  I’m old.

I see so few movies that they’re all “good.”  I know I’ve mentioned that.  The quotes are there to suggest that it might not be good as it is commonly understood, but being in a cold, dim place is nice.  Wherever you would keep a leathery snake egg is the kind of place I like best.  But Age of Ultron is…  I’ve already said all movies are “good,” right up there.  But Age of Ultron isn’t even good with the quotes on.  It’s a catastrophe.  He lifted up a huge fucking town into the sky and I felt nothing.

Civil War is equally adept at global and intimate scale, and they’re endlessly reinforcing each other.  The intimate conversations presage warfare and the warfare must be resolved with intimate conversations.  Everything that happens is part of a relentless machine, which has devoured and appropriated every good thing about the shared universe they’ve made, and then made a hole in reality to prove the way forward.

I don’t know how many stars you get for that.

(CW)TB out.

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