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Tycho / 2 weeks ago

This devil's hellthirst can only be quenched by novelty drinks - drinks whose vessels come included in the price of admission.  When I went to the elevator to hit the lobby, starved and feral, a boist'rous Gabriel emerged from the elevator I had, myself, summoned and told me to "drink margaritas" in all caps. And I did.

But not because he said to.

There is much to celebrate down here, and not just in terms of revelsome elixirs. Obviously, we have just taken the on-ramp to PAX South - a three-day show. We've also got THIS:

So join us on the PAX Tweetch Saturday, January 18th at 8:30 CT for the next chapter of Acquisitions Incorporated. But! We also have all the goodies the designers have been working on, including the 2020 look for PAX, best exemplified by these cool banners that Lidija sent me.

See you at the show!

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 weeks ago

As someone who has been to more PAX shows than anyone else - only Kiko has been to as many, because it's the maximum number - I am privy to certain artisanal knowledges. I'm not saying this means we constitute a new pantheon or anything, but upon our Twinthrone we will sit in judgement over the affairs of men.

The mystery of PAX is that the vibe is always good, always PAX, regardless of which one you go to. You can stretch it and it retains its ratio; it is a quadrant which can be progressively enhanced. So Kiko and I mostly invest ourselves in the food.

At West, I'm not sure I really do eat. I live here. But Unplugged is a carousel of rad shit from Reading Terminal Market, with surgical additions of coffee and cheesesteaks from elsewhere in town. Boston is a Steak and Seafood Zone. Melbourne is so broad you'd think it couldn't also be good, but it is - Keek and I tend to focus our efforts there on Ramen and Boba. South, I mean… South is Mexican Food and Barbecue. Or both simultaneously.

The only time I've ever seen Kiko angry was when a taco place ran out of barbacoa. Understand that he wasn't, like, rude or anything. When Kiko is mad, I don't think most people would even detect it. I only saw it because his dad was laughing really hard about it, so I had to look close. Here are the telltale signs:

1. His reaction time is slightly, very slightly, delayed.

That's it. That's Kiko, reduced to an animal.

Gabe's South involves he and Kara eating a single, persistent, ritual meal for the duration of the show. Also, apparently he drinks now. I know he's a fan of Acquisitions Intoxicated, but I didn't know he was drinking at home before lunch. I was over at his house to play wargames or some shit a couple weeks ago, and he asked me if I wanted a hard cider at eleven o'clock in the morning, like some scurrying fraternity Rat Man. I don't know why this is all coming up now. Twenty years ago would have been a great time, kinda the traditional time for this. They had alcohol back then, as I repeatedly told him. "Man," I said. "This alcohol is somethin'."

(CW)TB out.

Gabe / 2 weeks ago

Cake Day AMA

Today is my "Cake Day" over on Reddit. This is sort of like your Reddit birthday and it means I've been on the site for seven years. To celebrate, I'm doing a little AMA over on the rarely used Penny Arcade subreddit. Feel free to stop by and ask me anything! 


-Gabe out

Tycho / 2 weeks ago

Drake of the 99 Dragons is a time capsule from a novel era; there was a lot of stuff that hit as Xbox exclusive which was inexplicable or troubling for various reasons.  It also had bonkers shit like Splinter Cell, and credible multiplayer - graduating, ultimately, to Xbox Live, whose approach ultimately became definitional.  But Drake is a whole thing and you should look at the video.  You should also look at the Wikipedia page, specifically the credits to the right, and look those people up at MobyGames because a few of them went on to be associated with all kinds of stuff, some of it you might have enjoyed.  So many little stories have been borne out of it.

Entertainment as an industry is ravenous for trends, and to an extent I think Netflix is to be commended for choosing such a, well, mutant (for lack of a better term) in the work of Sapkowski.  And then to let them make part of it a kind of chronological puzzle.  Although, truth be told, it’s not that hard.  I mean, I don’t know if it’s yellow key/yellow door easy mode, but it is a piece of media that does ask you to consciously observe it and then reward you for it.  I’ve read some criticism of the fact that, unlike The Mandalorian, they didn’t deliver the series in the form of a crumb trail and instead did what they essentially always do and drop it all at once.  Netflix is a relentlessly data driven company, it’s plain in what they choose to produce, and among everything else it might be the service is really a database/wishlist for what people want to watch and that pulsing knot of data is - in the era we accidentally manufactured - probably its most valuable asset.

But I can understand why it would be useful for a pop culture media site if they had that weekly cadence, because it’s a bone that can be chewed in perpetuity, or maybe gristle is closer.  Maybe we’re looking more for something in the greasy rind category.  Maybe there’s a show it would work for, maybe there’s a timeline it would work for, it would depend on the show - but I don’t agree that it’s just how things should be.  Netflix invented the entire fucking category.  They aren’t wrong all the sudden because Disney took their ball and went home.  We watched The Mandalorian and now we’re done with the service.  Maybe they’re the ones who need some advice.

It snowed here, I think because I forgot some minor obesience to a fey sprite, and now we’re all fucked.  We’ve got PAX South to plan for, so I just spent the afternoon writing comics and all this horseshit, so it wasn’t any skin off my nose, but Josh is there facing death itself and also failed food deliveries to bring you more Blasphemous from The Game Kitchen on the stream from 2pm PST on.

(CW)TB out.

Gabe / 3 weeks ago

PAX South Pinquest!

PAX South 2020 Partner Pins


PAX South 2020 Partner Pins

Artful Escape and Last Stop Pins [Annapurna Interactive]
Available at the Annapurna Interactive booth #18025 with the game demo for each pin and is available for purchase.

Push the Button Pin [Jackbox Games]
Win a game at the Jackbox Stage to get a pin, or you can get one the easy way by purchasing one.

Press ‘A’ to South Pin [CheckPoint]
Get your first button of the PAX 2020 CheckPoint Pin Set at the Diversity Lounge with the other three buttons being released throughout the year! What will you make with your set of buttons?! CheckPoint is a non-profit that creates mental health resources for gamers, and every pin sold helps us to achieve our mission.

Sheriff Chip Pin [Cookie Brigade]
Available for purchase from our CC Brigade volunteers that can be found at the main queue each morning or follow @cookie_brigade on twitter for announcements of places and times you can find them.

VA-11 Hall-A: Stella Pin [Ysbryd Games]
Available for purchase at the Ysbryd booth #16035.

Sparkle Sharkle Pin [Finji]
Available for purchase at the Finji booth #22025.

Windjammers 2 - Hiromi Mita Pin [Dotemu]
Available at the DotEmu booth #19019.

Dice Emu Pin [Level Up Dice]
Available for purchase at the Level Up Dice booth #TT36.

Machine Gun Elite: Zombie Army 4 Pin [Rebellion]
Available at the Rebellion booth #12043.

Red Baby Dragon Pin [Pastimes & Gamermats]
Available at the Magic: the Gathering play area Prize Wall and for purchase at the GamerMats booth #TT14.


PAX South 2020 Show Pins

PAX South 2020 Pin Set
Available at the Official PAX Merch Booths located in the Expo Hall and the Main Entrance.

Limited Edition PAX South 2020 Pin
ONLY available at the PAX Merch Lite Booth located by the Main Entrance.

Mascot Kemper Pin
Available at both Official PAX Merch Booths located in the Expo Hall and the lobby with any purchase of $65 or more.

Merch 7.0 Pin
Available at both Official PAX Merch Booths located in the Expo Hall and the Lobby with any purchase of $100 or more.


Get your Pin Quest here.

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