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We are currently doing an AMA over on R/Boardgames. Come ASK US ANYTHING!’

-Gabe out

Tycho / 1 week ago

Master Sword Pin

This is one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever offered on our store.  The end.


Tycho / 1 week ago

Gabe and Kara have a bunch of “discover packs” - the Dropmix equivalent of a booster pack - that I haven’t heard yet, and the thought that they have a bunch of universally pluggable audio chunks just laying around their home gives me feelings.

There is sometimes a strange dichotomy that must be traversed when playing the game, something we approach in the strip: that you can arrive at a kind of sonic apotheosis, a musical plateau that elevates consciousness, and then… you need to play a red card and remove a cool The Weeknd sample because that’s currently the optimal play.  Obviously, that doesn’t happen in the open-ended Freestyle mode.  But you don’t always arrive at the same mixes there, even with optimal choices, because sometimes the act of playing the best card creates something amazing you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.  This is some motherfucking cosmic-ass shit.

I gotta draw your attention to the VOD of when we played Dropmix on the stream, and had Strip Search alum, Thorwatch: Eyrewood Adventures artist, and longtime ally Nick Trujillo hop on the show.  He spit off the dome over tracks we were making up underneath the flow, changing them at our whim.  We also demo out the Clash mode, a playstyle which can be described as “Super Street Uno Hyper DX” which is pretty fun in its own right in addition to effortlessly creating music.

Hey!  PAX Aus is coming up, like…  end of the month type coming up - there’s still a couple announcements on that front to make.  But we also need your queries for the Q&A panel, so please take a moment to supply novel Qs we can apply our expert As to.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 1 week ago

The fuckin’ Switch, man.

I said a couple months ago that all the Switch needed to do was be the place where you could get Nintendo’s definitive output and drink from the Indie firehose and it’s completely happening.  Gabe runs that battery into the ground off Steamworld Dig 2, Golf Story, ARMS, and it’s not going anywhere.  I remember when you’d endure wave upon wave of shredding, mercenary launch shrapnel until you could seize the life-saving buoy of a tentpole release.  Now, Mario Odyssey has to contend with a phalanx of addictive play in a spectrum of playstyles.

I’m still playing Has Been Heroes.  Still.  But, Tworko - I thought it haz a Metacritic score of 53!  That’s an indictment of Critics, and their shuddering, greasy amalgam - not the other way around.

Very few games can engage every person in my house, and the mobile title Hidden My Game By Mom is one of them.  Even that’s coming to the Switch.  I don’t know which rad game I’m gonna play every time I pick it up, and the store on it is the best they’ve ever done.  If there was ever a machine designed for the terrifying, interminable flight to PAX Australia, this is it.

I’m banging the drum again: Enforcer applications for PAX Unplugged are closing soon, and we’re looking for people who can help us put on a new type of tabletop show.  Is that you?

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 weeks ago

I am not a comics person.

That isn’t to say I don’t read comics; I read lots of comics.  But I feel like there’s a deeper literacy that comes from a long steep in it that I don’t have.  I don’t give as much of a shit as the “comics fan” I have enunciated in my mind does.  Oh!  That’s what it is.  They’re always changing shit to manufacture some kind of reaction, and I don’t react to it.  I guess Captain America was or is dead or alive or part of Hydra or some other thing.  I understand why someone would feel a way, but I don’t feel a way.

I have been fairly consistently surrounded by fan of comics though, for some reason.  Gabe Guisarme always had a ton of books to read, and I availed myself of them whenever we weren’t arguing about the existence of God.  It was this state of Naivete that enabled me to recreate Magneto’s origin story virtually word for word in an “original character” I’d “created” when Gabe and I started writing comics together; he let it ride.  He didn’t have the heart to tell me.

One of the books I read when he and I were living together was called Battle Chasers, and it made sense to me because it existed in something like a medieval fantasy context and not whatever you would call the bulk of modern comic continuity.

I mean… Comics, I guess.  I suppose you’d call it “comics.”  But that does lack specificity.

It granted me entre both because it was fantasy and because it was New; it was possible for me to get into it because it just started.  What’s more, over the course of three years, only nine comics ever even came out!  That’s a pace I can manage.  It was by a person named Joe Mad, who I could tell was an object of worship for my cohort, and even I could tell why.  Looking as an outsider to visual art in general, Joe Madureira seems to specialize in a very particular trick: he goes too far, and then goes further, until the characters are elevated, alchemized perhaps, into living symbols.

After a long slumber in the molten core of the earth, which is deeply on-brand for a fantasy setting, Battle Chasers: Nightwar erupted on Kickstarter, Gabe backed it, and now it’s out and you can play it.

He’s pretty skittish around Kickstarter, which is the precise opposite of me.  Kickstarter allows me to gamble when I’m not in a casino, which is a source of real excitement - I back desk organizers, sauces, thermometers, I stay backing.  I’m glad he didn’t get bit on this one, because not only did it come out, he’s in love with it.  I haven’t seen him on Destiny even once since the game launched.  He’s in full-on evangelism mode over here for what Kiko described as “Art: The Game.”

Nostalgia is a cursed coin.  Battle Chasers charted a dangerous road, resuscitating a comic series while also evoking a wistful JRPG schema, but from the looks of it they managed to navigate that fraught terrain with ease.  We’re gonna be checking it out for a couple hours this afternoon on the stream this afternoon at 2pm PDT- stop by?

(CW)TB out.

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