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Clones for Kids

My youngest son Noah has been requesting a drawing of Captain Rex from the Clone Wars for a while. Finally this morning I got around to starting it and came up with a sketch I thought was pretty cool. It’s possible this is the wrong version of Rex but assuming he digs it, I’ll ink it, color it and share the finished version with you here in case we have clone fans out there. 


-Gabe out



The ancient story - I tell it again not only because my brain is calcified, but because it will reveal all - is that when we used to play NFL 2k1 on the Dreamcast we all had our roles. It had online play thanks to, like… twenty fucking years ago, and four people at your house could play. What I brought to the table was a lot of questions about how Football functions as a game. I might not have been a great investment of a port. Grib had a controller, but he didn't play - he was the one with the Mic adapter, and it was his job, exclusively, to talk shit.

Spec Ops Kill Team!

Gabe and I have been playing a lot of Kill Team but last night we tried our first Spec Ops campaign and I thought it was really fun. Spec Ops is just a way to play Kill Team that adds a narrative element to your games with characters that earn XP and gain new equipment as the campaign progresses. 




Esbie Ememm

By Tycho – October 31, 2022

I can simultaneously understand why a person wouldn't want to play against opponents of their skill level and feel like saying it outloud looks bad. Streaming - gaming as performance, specifically - is often unlike playing videogames. Except it's somehow clambered atop the industry, seemingly destroying the people who do it and warping the medium from time to time. Somebody gonna talk about that? No? Okay.

Who Watches The Overwatchers

I can't figure out what the hell is going on with this. Well, that's not true I guess. I do know what's going on. It's algorithm worship, it's just happening in a way that puts all the bizarre dynamics of that worship into relief. You can see the number on Twitch - it's doing exactly what they wanted it to do, which is to make number big. I just don't think this accomplishes any long term goal.



By Gabe – October 21, 2022

I was cleaning today and found this relic. The original art for the first comic Jerry and I made together back in 1993! G-4 was five years before we started Penny Arcade and I would have been a sophomore in high school.


Kara is currently engaged in something like a romantic relationship with Dreamlight Valley, a game I played with my cool daughter Ronia (Ronito, "The Chu") until such time as they wanted me to do some yardwork. If you've played that game, you know how soon that is. In sum: it's very soon.


We took a moment to imagine what it would be like to inform a younger Gorb that they had a chance to draw some of the most famous comic characters of all time, in an official capacity, and it quickly became complex. As for 2014, sometimes called "Mike Krahulik's Tour Of Shitaly," we used to go there once every couple weeks and since that fateful day he hasn't been there in almost a decade. It's unknown what hostile organism took a seat at the very levers of his body but apparently he managed to "shit out of his eyes," which is a startling and unprecedented state of affairs.

Golgolfa Returns

I think that Gabir and I are just… mutants, beclawed things accustomed to the same moist environs prized by fungi. I've talked about it a lot on this page, but there isn't anything wrong with Golf. I don't need Golf to be an MMO and I don't need RPG shit or classes or crafting in it. It isn't spackled with unsightly grime that needs polished off, nor is it without inherent virtue and thus in need of adornment.


Doing Jerk Stuff

I thought that I had defeated Australia, with all the beasts and malevolent flora it could muster, but some errant spore musta got in because I slept until 10:30am. There was no school so I didn't set my customary alarm, and I was surprised to learn that in the absence of this simple nudge I apparently revert directly to wastrel bachelordom with no intermediate steps.

The Chew-zic Of The Spheres

After a day home from Aus, things have been upgraded to "essentially stable" from their original configuration, which was "cloakéd in a dense, surreal fog." This means that we may take up our ancient tools and set to work, confident that it will find itself posted within the sacred guardrails of linear time.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Fallout!

Back in 2008 Jerry and I got the opportunity to create a series of comics for Fallout 3. We were given the freedom to create our own Vault and tell the stroy of its dwellers. That is exactly what we did and you can read the tale of Valut 77 right here:

It Figures

This really happened! There is an even dorkier version of Warhammer 40k, one where you reenact historical battles in the setting. Yeah. Now: are these "historical" battles also, technically, set in the future? Yeah. I don't know what to tell you. Anyway, he bought a sack of grey dolls from a man he doesn't entirely know using cash. That's the "How It's Going" panel in the meme that catalogs the gravity of his descent.