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Tycho / 1 week ago

Gabriel didn’t need to subject me to grievous injury; I managed to lose while being ostensibly whole of mind and body.

I have spent too much time thinking about my failure in Overwatch; the best thing for clarity’s sake would be just to share with you the Google doc I actively maintain at all hours of the day but it’s full of dark oaths and teammate-specific seething and I may need to call on one or more of them again - even if its just as food.  It’s best, perhaps, if this information remains confidential.

In general, though, in general, the show was the best one I can remember.  That’s usually how it goes, with me sitting in the dark the morning after, gnawing at the rind of the show and wondering how my life came to be this way.

Before the show, the Acquisitions Incorporated expansion I wrote for Card Hunter launched, so there was already the first tender shoots of a narrative arc.  Then the game proper began on Sunday afternoon, with Chris Perkins sitting at the table with Scott and I while Gabe and Pat Rothfuss ran adventures - adventures you can literally go grab right now and run at home, if you want.  I mean, here’s Gabe’s and here’s Pat’s.  It was a fairly substantial twist on the usual deal, but people seemed to go with it.  And then, for some reason I can’t entirely remember, I performed some kind of, like…  AcqInc slam poem?  Or something?  God only knows.

Then the teaser for AI: The Series ran and people seemed like they were okay with that.

I just had a really good time at the show.  I had blocks of frenzied activity, but I also had plenty of time to attend PAX.  I love wondering how someone is doing, some cult of weird kids with an awesome game one year, and then seeing them roll back through with a publishing deal.  It happens a lot there; the show tolerates substantially more beauty than the world generally allows.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 1 week ago

Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series

Is only too terrifyingly real, and the teaser - its agent upon the Earth - can be found here.


Tycho / 2 weeks ago

I’m a little nervous about the Overwatch competition on Saturday, for all the reasons you would ordinarily be nervous and then a whole host of brand-new, custom fears borne of today’s casual, civic surveillance ecosystem.

Something weird happened, where when we started practicing with our teams and playing up a rivalry that was wholly performative in nature, we both started to take it very seriously and it became real.  I remembered why we don’t do this, why it’s caustic to our union, and how much harder it makes the manufacturing of jpegs, which are Arcadia’s chief export.  But now I basically want to crucify him.  And I’ve built an organization whose entire purpose is to consume him like a fire.

It only got crazier from there.  There are a few moving pieces on this one, I couldn’t see the entire project from the lush veranda of my sorcerer’s manse, so I didn’t know that Kiko had finished the watch.  He tells me it is a “Gold Moto360 (Gen 2)” and my ravens have informed me that Gabriel covets the device.  Which means he must not be allowed to have it.

The Watch

The other thing I did not know was that Wyrmwood Gaming, purveyors of exquisite dork artifacts fashioned from exotic woods, had been commissioned to create a legendary vessel for the prize.  Looka dis:

Vessel for The Watch

This, too, must be jealously guarded from the foe.

UPDATE: Here’s how much else I didn’t know.  Video that I thought was recorded in strict confidence, with someone I thought was a friend, has now been edited into some kind of glossy promotional salvo.

PAX East starts today; maybe I’ll see you around.  I can typically be found in the Exhibition Hall looking at stuff nobody knew was gonna be at PAX East, or over in the vasty Tabletop section getting a demo of a game while the game’s actual designer is watching me learn it from the next table over.  Oh yeah.  I’m on to your shit.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 weeks ago

I feel like “DILF” as a slab of nomenclature is not hard to figure out, even if you’ve never heard it before.  There’s certain types of people you want to F; and I’m not gonna judge.  Some of them start with D.  Whatever.  It’s fine.  You know, and maybe there are other Ds you don’t want to F, and that’s fine too.  F only those Ds which are the most vaguely rugged in a kind of civilized, wholly untested way.

I had a friend of mine over last night to check out some virtual realms, you know, like you do, and I thought he might like the Pinball FX VR implementation on the Oculus Rift.  I am fascinated by him: he plays in weekly, local Pinball tournaments which are apparently a real thing.  There is a pinball lifestyle I was not aware of.  I love Pinball, or, at least I thought I loved Pinball, but if what he does is “love Pinball” then I don’t even like it.  If that’s the scale we’re talking about and where the thresholds are demarcated.  Right?  Because he doesn’t ask me if I want to go play Pinball, he asks if I want to “shoot.”  I bet he has a bunch of other words he knows to describe specific phenomena that he shields me from out of courtesy but I want to know all of it.

We had talked about Pinball FX before, and not in a positive light.  “That’s video pinball,” he said, as though that linguistic package contained every necessary thing to complete an idea, a kind of long IKEA box, but for concepts.  A big part of why video pinball is a non-starter for him (and presumably his learned fellows) is that on a screen longer than it is tall, none of the camera options are good enough.  It’s a fast game, and there’s something wrong from his perspective with every one of the built in cameras.  But if you’re standing at the base of the machine, as you do in the virtual simulation, everything you need to play is there.  I tried to make a case for the additional graphical hooziwhatsits they had incorporated, like if you’re playing the Mars table shit is getting all Martian up in this piece, but that sort of thing is…  it’s not that it isn’t important.  It’s that it’s not on the table, and his awareness is linked in a profound way with that rectangular portal.  The skills transferred quite well, ultimately he had to quit before he’d “drained” all his “balls.”  God only knows how long he’d have been there if skill, and not convenience, had been the measure.

I want to know how to do that.

(CW)TB out.

Gabe / 2 weeks ago


The number of watch related activities I’m participating in at PAX East this year is pretty ridiculous.

Overwatch for the Watch

Dear Diary, it is three days now until I defeat Tycho at Overwatch. We’ve had some time to practice as a team, and we all really clicked. Erik is a WOW raid leader when he’s off duty and those skills are a real boon for the team. He has demanded we all spend at least 6 hours a day watching tips and strategy videos. Kiko is a stone cold killer and should probably go to real jail for some of the crimes he has committed with a virtual gun. Bill is playing at a level that, frankly I find scary. I’ve seen him make plays that no human could pull off. I’m not saying he’s not human, all I am saying is Bill Amend is not entirely human. Van is a wildcard. He has avoided team practices saying that he prefers to work alone. He claims to be practicing something called “self sharpening” that he says can only be accomplished in solitude. That brings me to James. James is scaring even me now. I worry that he he may turn on the team and kill us all before I even have a chance to unleash him on Tycho. The doctor says the implants he installed will hold but…perhaps I have gone to far with this one? 

Overwatch for the Watch

PAX East 2016 • April 23rd • 6:30PM ET • Boston Convention Center • Live on Twitch


We are bringing Thornwatch to PAX East and its really getting good. PAX South was a great test and we’ve built on the game thanks to a lot of your feedback. We’ve also finalized some stuff we were on the fence about and even added a couple things. In general it’s just a much more polished experience and pretty damn close to what you’ll play when the game ships.

If you want to play Thornwatch at the show you’ll need to come by our panel on Friday at 2:30 in Dragonfly theatre. We will actually be teaching you how to play at the panel so that our testing time is taken up with game testing and not game teaching. In addition to new game mechanics, players at East will be the first ones to try out our brand new class, the Warden.

So come by the panel, learn to play Thornwatch and get signed up for the playtest!

-Gabe out

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