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Tycho / 1 week ago

We were part of an ADSL Pilot Program in Spokane, back in 98 or so, and I would say that ever since then I have had to contend with Gabriel’s fragmentary understanding of the network that literally makes our lives possible.

Anyway, I fixed it!  Whatever!  I know about ports, gah.

I tweeted recently; I’m a tweeter.  Specifically I tweeted about something called an “eero,” which is a…  hm, what is it.  It’s a router, I guess, except three of them come in one box and they’re all the same.  It would be like if routers grew in bunches, like grapes, and you could pick them.  In any case, the company that makes them apparently saw the tweet, asked if they could send me one, and I did not refuse.

The reason I was interested in eero was because I’ve only had middling success with other topologies trying to get Internet everywhere in the house.  The cable comes into the office, which is nice and I like that, but the bedroom is at the absolute furthest point from it.  What’s more, my house is made up of walls and other supporting structures that occlude and shape the space. I don’t know if it’s like that where you live.  That’s what I’m dealing with.  I bet the wifi in a yurt is pretty fuckin’ sweet.

You set the network up by installing an app on your phone, which then leads you step by step through the setup process.  You plug it into your cable modem first, into one of the two built in ports.  The app uses Bluetooth to do the local work, and your phone’s data to handle the rest.  I would talk about it more, but that’s actually it.  I pulled a hunk of networking shit out of there that was really nice, a huge Linksys thing, with a cluster of pointy antennas on top of it that made it look like an elk.  The new routers look like giant mints.  Like, mints for a Giant.  Either way, I guess.  They both work.

I only ended up needing two devices for the mesh network to hug the entire house with data.  There’s three devices in the box, which I guess is why it costs like $500 at the store.  You are gonna feel like a goofball if you buy this and then only use two of them.  I guess you could give the other one away?  Anyway, that isn’t even the story.  It’s something to keep in mind about the expense but it’s not the story.

  The story is that something got fucked up with the wifi hardware in the Xbox One, which made watching The Great British Baking Show downstairs incredibly difficult.  At this time, The Great British Baking Show does not come preinstalled on the Xbox One, which is something they should remedy.  I was also very drunk.  I don’t remember the details: I feel like alcohol was involved somehow.  Somehow it got on or near my mouth and that was the result.  And I was still able to get that machine online, wired into the back of the eero, and extend the network to the new router via the app.  So.  If you want a network you can set up on a barely human fraction of your potential, you might consider this one.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 1 week ago

PAX 10: The Selections

Like a delicious seasonal fruit, the new PAX 10 are hanging heavy on the bough.  Our multidisciplinary team of writers, artists, designers, producers, and assorted thinkers have brought in the harvest:

1979 Revolution: Black Friday by iNK Stories

Blockships by DrDavient

Crashlands by Butterscotch Shenanigans

Cryptark by Alientrap

Fossil Echo by Awaceb

INVERSUS by Hypersect

Moon Hunters by Kitfox Games

Night in the Woods by InfiniteFall

Old Man’s Journey by Broken Rules

Splitter Critters by RAC7 Games

Nice work, everybody.  Take some time to check these out - some we played robust demos of, but some of these are playable as prototypes or even available for purchase today.


Getting the Word Out!

Lot’s of people here at PA had a hand in this new Acquisitions Inc. series and we’re all very proud of it. I think it’s a great show and easily our best YouTube offering. My son doesn’t watch TV like normal people. He just watches YouTube and I have to be honest I don’t entirely understand it. He tells me all the time about the amazing things “Lachlan” is doing. I have no grand plans of becoming a YouTube star. I have no cool accent (unless lisps are rad) and while I think Jerry and I are both ruggedly handsome in our own ways, I don’t expect we will ignite the tween demographic. We do not expect to be nor do we have any desire to be the next YouTube sensation. I do think this Acquisitions Inc. series is really good though and I’d love more people to see it. It would be great if you could help us out and spread the word about the new series. We do what we can on the site but I honestly think there are lots of folks outside the PA world who would really enjoy the show. So if you’ve seen the new AI show and you dig it, please do us a solid and share it with your friends.

-Gabe out

Tycho / 1 week ago

Gabriel and I agree on some things, and not others; for example, my plump larvae don’t whirl in a demonic blood tornado and tell people to die.  They do other bad stuff.  But do they aspire to be hellborne assassins?

It’s rare.

I essentially follow the ESRB; it’s a tool I’ve found useful, but I’m not its servant.  If there’s something I think the souls in my charge might find nourishing at all, I show them very select portions.  But they might have seen ten or twelve frames worth of M rated games their whole lives, just in the period it takes them to get in the room and for me to pause it while shouting “Child beasts!  I have a very important flag at the moment!!!”

My daughter “plays” Overwatch in a very specific way.  As far as she knows, Overwatch is a game where incredible women try on rad clothes, because the Hero Gallery is the only thing she’s ever gonna see.  The main thing I’ve taken away from it is that Ronia doesn’t give a shit about shooty men.  She only cares about Jetpack Ladies and Soviet Superwomen.

In another inspired thumbnail, we have captured DM To The Stars Chris Perkins apparently mid-piracy in this week’s thrilling episode of Acquisitions Incorporated!  Also: subscribing to the channel is a thing that very, very cool people do.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 weeks ago

Club PA Comic Preview

(Edit: I remembered how the image tag works.)

Here’s the preview of this month’s old school, Penny Arcade villainy:

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