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Tycho / 1 week ago

Hades is real good. This is a fact in evidence, and I'd talk about it way more if I didn't consider a couple of the people who made it not even friends but, like… allies. I would spend more time praising them if I didn't know them, which is its own counterproductive dynamic. I'm actually in a position to know how much they give a shit about what they make, products which strike almost unerringly, and that's what keeps me from doing it. You could certainly argue that I've spent this paragraph doing the opposite of what I've just said, but I'd prefer it if you considered the whole thing couched in a kind of ironic performance. It can only help my case that everything I've said is absolutely true.

This being firmly established, Michael doesn't know them so he can draw whatever he wants.

A Roguelike is a type of game where you can get incredible use out of a base set of assets, but Hades got confused because not only did it make a game about the Sisyphean genre while also being its exemplar, they also recorded a profundity of unique, context aware, fully voice acted observations on itself obviating any potential savings! Silly geese, the lot of them.

It's a big day for Gabir Motors, proud member of the global Dragon Race Team China family. Newcomer Enriqua Lara - recently dubbed Tiamat - and veteran driver Hong Liao are masked up, granting careful interviews. Reserve driver Bao Tang waits in the shadows of the paddock, rhythmically slapping a golden wrench against his palm. The stakes have never been so high: we claimed we'd get Number One this season, and after requesting a pool's worth of money to fill our recently constructed Money Pool, Chairperson Bo Chonglin intends to hold us to it. It's an all or nothing final race of the season that will lead either to our Ascension, a glorious move to the next league, or our decapitation in the parking lot. It all happens at 2pm PDT today, only on Twitch.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 weeks ago

I guess I sorta figured they'd haul a bunch of these fucking warlocks onto Zoom and yell at them for a while, and that was gonna be it. It wasn't. And then, when we started talking about writing a strip about it, we laughed ourselves hoarse because it turns out our entire workflow winds through Google's intestinal tract.

There's a lot of odd dialogue that surrounds this stuff, like if you hate the naked exertion of monopoly power you're just hating the player or some shit. That you have a problem with people winning or something, issues with the concept of profit fundamentally. What an incredible rhetorical dodge! We're not talking about profit, and even if we were, it matters how the profit was generated. What we're talking about is a Draconic hoarding of wealth, collected in a vessel made from illegal mergers and filled by illegal acts. 

The Coronavirus is auguring directly through the center of the economy, and it's doing this in a bunch of ways. Many businesses leverage the physical world, large swathes of which are off limits currently. Some businesses are simply impossible to execute under these conditions. Some can limp along. But at the metagame level, it's transforming the country into a kind of buffet for vultures. It was already bad. I can barely stress this enough. But if you don't constrain this power in the ways we literally already did in the past and have progressively dismantled, the commonplace horror of Business As Usual is only enthroned further in the world we live in now.

You can't really make the case to younger people that "capitalism," broadly writ, is gonna do shit for them. I have one of these in my house, and they simply don't buy it.  Elders called what my cadre felt toward all this machinery Apathy, but it never was: we just knew it was a lie. That's an overlap we have; I can work with that. And they aren't wrong on this point: if money is allowed to pool like this, devils grow in it. If you don't fucking govern, if you don't moat these things in a circle of salt, they will invariably become something uncontainable - something too big to fail, part of the walls. It needs to be made absolutely plain that the people have something in this sheath. Something sharp. And that means killing the occasional dragon.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 weeks ago

Demons Are Real (Golf, Somehow)

And their names are, respectively, Gary Whitta and Will Smith.  These greasy, inhuman leavings only materialize when, as now, the veil between this world and the next grows thin - and only in places where a great wrong has been done.  In the ongoing mythology of the tournament, the "great wrong" is when they beat us really badly all those other times and I got sad.  Join us on streem at 4pm PDT when we will set these events right and exile them into the Shadowdeep once and for all.  


Tycho / 2 weeks ago

We wrote the strip after Gabe told me about the plan they had going at their house, which was to have their youngest Noah get nestled in his Drift getup and Trick-Or-Treat from room to room in the house, which is genuinely sweet. It's certainly more than we've put forward. It may have changed recently, but last time I checked the plan was just to eat a lot of candy.  More than usual.  

When stuff is kinda going, or makes sense, there's holidays that come through which feel like burdens almost. Some families make them so: I've had to take a nap at some of Brenna's family rituals, half-way through. But there's certainly an obligation associated with them in any event. At least for me it took a plague purpose-built to tatter social space to show me what they're even for. Not celebration as bacchanal, but as a strategy for surviving the rest of it. As a bulwark for the fucking Evernight. That a single phenomenon has both revealed these contours and made them impossible to execute is the kind of amateur, Intro To Irony dogshit this year continues to be a source of.

Know this: at around 11am PDT today, I'll be joined on the stream by our Technomancer Mike Buland and The Notorious EJB to delve too greedily and too deep in Ghost Ship's Deep Rock Galactic, whose tender free update drops in just three days. This is merely the preface to the next part, which is to say that Edge Benson and I will reprise our roles as proprietors of Twitch's brewing show, Acquisitions Intoxicated. Tomorrow at noon, on a Tuesday - our classic stomping grounds - we'll approach Deep Rock Galactic with our traditional reverence, and take a crack at whipping up one of the Specials from the Abyss Bar. Stop by!

(CW)TB out.

Gabe / 2 weeks ago

Child’s Play Auction 2020

My oldest son Gabe is sixteen now and he hasn’t really been interested in Halloween for a few years.Noah is ten though and he is what I would call the target demographic for this holiday. Not being able to wander the neighborhood collecting candy is a huge disappointment but we’re doing what we can to make it a fun night. He’s still dressing up in a costume and we’ll get some good candy but the festivities will be limited to our own house this year. 

Lots of things are changing this year due to COVID. The Child’s Play dinner and auction that we hold every year in December is going online. The auction is always an awesome night and we raise lots of money for Child’s Play. I’m hoping that this year with it being an online event, even more people will be able to participate. Take a look at the event page and browse through the ticket options. Personally I think the “Mix and Mingle” option is really cool. This ticket includes a package that gets shipped to your house before the event and includes fixings for drinks to help celebrate the evening. 

The auction itself will feature items donated by gamers and the games industry. It’s always an impressive selection of items and every year I’ve found something I wanted to bid on. It’s all for a good cause too since all proceeds go directly to Child’s Play. This money will go to help improve the lives of children in hospitals all over the world through the power of games and technology. 


Tickets are on sale now and the event will take place on December 10th. 

-Gabe out

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