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By Tycho – November 23, 2022

I didn't actually understand what was happening at first, as is typical with the Internet. Information speed is so high that it can seem like everybody knows the same thing, so at any distance from the inciting event people are just reacting to whatever it is without including any of the context. I just noticed that Tweets had gotten incredibly maudlin and it was a lot. It turns out a bunch of the people Elon Musk hadn't fired just quit, and people had begun to post messages that felt like they were watching red-hot, worldkiller asteroids enter the atmosphere.

How Do You Woo

I think if you are going to have a significant part of your respiratory system eaten by a dog, it's always gonna be a bad time. The best case scenario is that this sacred apparatus, so crucial to life, remain

1. Within, and
2. Uneaten.

Imagine if there were an even worse way for this to happen than normal and you have the dreaded Chaos Hound situation.

Happy Birthday Penny Arcade!

24 years ago today Jerry and I Started Penny Arcade from apartment 26 in Spokane Wa. I managed to take a picture of the old place using Google Street View and the only thing missing from when we lived there was the couch we left on the porch that was soaked in cat urine. 


It can't be said enough, apparently since repetition of the sentiment occasionally breaks through - even with Gorbiriel. Andor is an incredibly unlikely Star Wars show, derived more firmly from espionage thrillers, which makes sense I guess since it's from the dude who made the Bourne movies. It's Make A Star Wars Show Challenge: Impossible, because it's almost purely about character motivations and not about space dogfights or wizards, the things we would ordinarily consider Star Wars.


Titans Terrain

I was recently sent a box of Titans Terrain which I had never heard of. It is pop-up terrain for your wargaming table and after messing with it for a couple days I think it’s incredibly clever and I want to tell you guys about it.




I haven't had a chance to really start Pentiment yet, I've been in the word mines all day, but I did start it up yesterday night long enough to know that it was torrid. It's an act of romantic worship, truly niche pornography; a sonar pulse that generates a three dimensional image of the wanton beasts responsible for its manufacture. They are utterly known to me, now. Indeed, they are known to all of us. And they are shameless things.

Boomer Tier

Gorb says that God Of War Ragnarok doesn't want to let you languish too long on a puzzle, I assume because the game wants to be a movie, and so they gotta put people in your business all the time. I understand the idea behind it; they want to maintain a certain momentum. It's not God Of Leisure: Respite, I guess. But it doesn't feel good, even if it does feel like having a teenager. Make of that what you will.


Hérissons Sans Frontières

Man, it's a bumper crop out there for contrarian jag-wads like myself - those who are determined to find the secret and hidden virtue in the lukewarm. First it was Gotham Knights, which is much better than I had read in most places. Does it occasionally, you know "forget to run" on PC? Yeah! What about after it's running- does it stop sometimes, as though to prove some kind of point about how life is fleeting or some shit? For sure. Do I still try to play it every day? I mean… yeah. It has a ton of heart, whatever failings it might have in terms of somewhat repetitive combat and occasional, I mean, you know. Not… running-ness.

A Hem's Worth

The big conversation now isn't that Henry Cavill left The Witcher and was replaced by Liam Hemsworth - now we're into the whisper phase, where we attempt to divine why Cavill might have left. As someone who shares a hobby with him, I think it's quite straightforward. We don't need to get into some crazy shit to figure it out, but that won't stop this accursed web. First, it's not like he did no seasons. He did three seasons. That's a lot! Second, let's be very clear: The man is into Warhammer. Even favoring a low model count army like Adeptus Custodes as he does, he can't be Geralt and Superman and play with his cool dolls. Something's got to give.

Clones for Kids

My youngest son Noah has been requesting a drawing of Captain Rex from the Clone Wars for a while. Finally this morning I got around to starting it and came up with a sketch I thought was pretty cool. It’s possible this is the wrong version of Rex but assuming he digs it, I’ll ink it, color it and share the finished version with you here in case we have clone fans out there. 


-Gabe out




The ancient story - I tell it again not only because my brain is calcified, but because it will reveal all - is that when we used to play NFL 2k1 on the Dreamcast we all had our roles. It had online play thanks to, like… twenty fucking years ago, and four people at your house could play. What I brought to the table was a lot of questions about how Football functions as a game. I might not have been a great investment of a port. Grib had a controller, but he didn't play - he was the one with the Mic adapter, and it was his job, exclusively, to talk shit.

Spec Ops Kill Team!

Gabe and I have been playing a lot of Kill Team but last night we tried our first Spec Ops campaign and I thought it was really fun. Spec Ops is just a way to play Kill Team that adds a narrative element to your games with characters that earn XP and gain new equipment as the campaign progresses. 



Esbie Ememm

By Tycho – October 31, 2022

I can simultaneously understand why a person wouldn't want to play against opponents of their skill level and feel like saying it outloud looks bad. Streaming - gaming as performance, specifically - is often unlike playing videogames. Except it's somehow clambered atop the industry, seemingly destroying the people who do it and warping the medium from time to time. Somebody gonna talk about that? No? Okay.