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Getting Riggy With It

Although my companion has the proven capacity to influence, because he essentially lives inside Gran Turismo 7 VR, I think the ergonomic aspects of the experience began to wear on his creaking skeleton - ravaged as it is by age. Maybe there simply wasn't time to grovel; it's also possible that his gaunt and ill-used frame can no longer assume the shameful positions commonly used in groveling and he resorted to the scoundrel's last redoubt - capitalism.

Elder Magic

It's true enough that Grand Admiral Thrawn manifested in the cartoons, but the skip to live action - and eventually feature film - represents another vindication of the Expanded Universe. We made comic about it at the time, with a gentle and frankly honorable concession that not everything in the EU needed to be ascended into a new canon. But if you're familiar with the works, you're seeing the old stuff manifest ways that are just… worse. The main reason they haven't just utilized the profound resource they had in Mara Jade is because Filoni is too busy jacking off to his OCs.

Take On Me

By Tycho – April 12, 2023

Because I have the correct opinions and the right thoughts, I was under the impression that I needed to guard myself constantly against the scourge of nostalgia - the past as a drug, a place that never existed. Except I know perfectly well that it was better. I pay the health care bills for more than thirty people, and that hasn't gotten better.  I've taken a flight.  I used to be able get my children's medicine on time.  Who, precisely, does this abjuration of nostalgia serve? Well, it serves capital. It serves the forces stripmining our society. It's vitally important that we not remember. And so "good people" tell themselves holographically complex lies, because they're so good that being robbed joyfully is core to their identity.

Innsmouth Look

I sorta thought the fight was going to be somewhere between PGA Tour 2K23 and EA's Incredibly Long Name Game, but it's not - it's between PGA Tour 2K21 and nothing. I literally returned 2K23. Golf is a very simple game, actually, so when it comes to making it "gamey" it's really just a matter of how you want to ruin it. PGA Tour 2K21 ruined it the least, and because it had an industry leading course creator and attracted community talent that rivals the included courses, you don't have to buy anything from either vendor ever again.


Do I Gotta Write An Acquisitions Incorporated Novel?

By Tycho – April 9, 2023

Shit, man. I thought I dodged a bullet here!

Watching the last couple days of this thing go bonkers has been an experience. I was already happy with it! I just wanted to make the show and pay everybody what they're worth, which we had dialed in. Certainly I hoped you would want to see this book. I think you would like it, if you did. But now I just feel tenderly about the whole thing and I need to lie down.


Try Wikipedia

I don't have a problem with Bo-Katan Kryze. She was a rad addition in Season 2 of the Mandalorian, and after a bumpy start in Season 3 I feel like she's earned a spot. But Disney has a very difficult time getting out of its way - this is just as true in their Marvel excursions as well. They understand at some level that the network effects of a shared universe can result in potent value - they manifested this with the MCU. It's reasonable that they would like to see this happen again, but when they don't let these things develop organically - when they crowd out shows that already have an established dynamic - it's not the same show anymore. In Biggie terms, they're determined to get high on their own supply - in flagrant abrogation of the fourth Crack Commandment.  It's mercenary shit, and nothing is served by it - not this show, not the shows to come, not the service, and not the brand.  This type of shit is precicely why intellectual property is supposed to have limitations on its ownership.  They're out of fucking gas.


I have a set of stacking plastic drawers whose purpose is to hold the strange and forgotten Twilight Cables which bloomed for a time and were gone. I have never failed to find the cable I needed in there. There is also a Protoss Zealot in one of the drawers, it's been in this thing since ninety-eight or so, and every time I see it I get sad because I spelled Aiur wrong in a post once and person mailed me to say that I wasn't a real gamer and I should kill myself. That's just in case you were wondering what having a good memory is like. It sucks!


Primordial Annihilator

Monsieur Gribeaux has ever been a wanton creature when it comes to gadgets. For a warped and deviant manwhore like himself, your run-of-the-mill Best Buy is a fallen place - a kind of cyber-brothel. We sold a lot of shit to go to E3 in the year 2000, but I didn't have to sell as much because when you live with somebody who gets high on technology you save a lot of money on technology. He was going through one of these ancient cassettes - cassettes, people - and found novelties of various kinds. After seeing his boys take their first damn'd steps on this blasted orb of sin, he found the Elder Content, which was also of young men just slightly older than the other ones:


Once, when I was twelve, my father swiped the glass slider away and stumbled into the house. His eyes were closed tight, and he was possessed of a preternatural calm that was so calm it ceased to be a comfort and pushed back through the membrane into a pallid and clammy unease. "Get your mother," he said, and I did. He said that he needed her to drive him to the hospital. She made a sound like those crying dolls. It doesn't really sound like a baby. It sounds like something else.

Blood Price

The content in the first panel was essentially meant to be silly gallows humor, the idea that the process of using Ubisoft's Ghostwriter app makes it more able to obviate your position, but then I saw the official video for it from GDC and that's precisely what it does do.


Turn Notice

My neighbor, who has made games in all kinds of places but playing and designing Magic: The Gathering is probably the most recognizable, told me once that "Gamers gonna game." Even as a snip of text, there is the psychic implication of a shrug. In another context, it might be called Bias Toward Action. He deployed this language to suggest that when engaged in a system, the desire to poke, prod, and otherwise manipulate that system is very strong, even when doing so might be suboptimal.

Childish Gamblino

Gabriel's youngest had never seen anything on the order of a Dave - let alone a Busters. These two primal forces juxtaposed obliterated his thirteen year old mind. Gabriel and I recalled our exposure to Chuck E. Cheese, which my mother called Charles Cheddar because... she's my mom, and all my novel predilections had to come from somewhere.

Choke Artist

Shit I want to check out is always coming out around PAX, when it's not really actionable for me - that is the norm. The most recent incarnation of this dark tendency is Cereza and the Lost Demon, which I guess is technically the subtitle. The first part of the name is Bayonetta Origins, and it looks like a watercolor storybook so Gabe is losing his shit. It's one of those games where each analog stick controls a different character, so it's also testing him - mind and body.