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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 28 2015 at 12:01 am

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Coddus Interruptus

There’s probably an astronomical metaphor to be made about how Black Ops 3 entered into some specific point in its arc while Grooby Doo, Kiko, and myself were doing some other space thing.  The upshot - denuded of linguistic foofaraw - is that it’s been a very long time since everything lined up and felt this way.  The story in the strip is true, by the way.  Technically speaking, you don’t have to wait for two immobile months on the couch; if you have access to an Xbox One or a decent PC, it’s possible that you could play in the phase that runs until Sunday, a period of time which “perfectly” lines up with PAX.  Once the beta shuts down on the 30th, then you can wait two immobile months.  Try passing the time by spinning a cocoon.

When I was toiling at SAX a week ago - SAX being the pre-PAX event where the swag bags get stuffed, praise be to the Enforcers - I could see that the Formians who work at the convention center were already hoisting shit with the use of…  I mean, they could only be called hoisters.  I guess I didn’t know that was something they did that far ahead.  I’m always there the day before the show proper, and they’re going fucking nuts in there, but I didn’t know they were going consistently nuts for an entire fucking week.  I considered for a moment how many other things I might not know, and decided correctly that this was the only thing.

I’ve set myself up quite a Friday, with a Q&A, standing very near to people while they make a game, interviews, and Acquisitions Incorporated just for the on-paper, scheduled shit.  Maybe this is a strong play, though.  Knock all the big stuff out, and then, I dunno…  attend PAX?

I was thinking about how Take This (Room 309 and the Diversity Lounge!!!) is just one thing that isn’t PAX but happens at PAX, working within it, like an organelle.  The Cookie Brigade is another such thing, and has on more than one occasion provided the only object I’ve eaten all day.  It is like a strange, relentlessly adaptive organism that is constantly evolving irresistible new lures: the introduction of the Peanut Butter Sriracha line of circular baked goods marks the point between the wretched creature I was, and and the gleaming paragon I am now.

The cookies are completely free; it’s like a cookie version of those rad mountain dogs that get you super drunk.  But when a person gives you a cookie an ancient law is invoked and donations get made - to the point where at pretty much every show they bring in five figure donations to Child’s Play off it.  It’s amazing, it just sprouted up in the turned earth of the show, and it’s one of the things that makes PAX what it is.


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