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Gabe / on Wed, Nov 4 2015 at 2:12 pm

I’m feeling better

Well I am still alive. Sorry Twitter. What happened?

I was having a conversation with Kiko about this just the other day. It used to be that when you were a kid you’d go to the doctor and you’d get some medicine and feel better. It seems like when you go to the doctor once you’re older they often just throw up their hands and say “beats the shit out of me.”

As best they can tell it was a combination of things. The main one being a change in prescription and dosage for one of my brain pills. I’d like to believe that delicately adjusting the levels of chemicals in a human brain is old hat by now but I guess not. I had three real rough days that I hardly remember followed by a pretty solid week of bullshit. I’m on the mend now though and feeling a little better each day. Thanks to everyone who sent me a get well soon message. It was much appreciated during the vomit spree.

While healing I had the opportunity to play some fun games. In between trips to the bathroom I managed to play Halo 5, Darksiders II Deathinitive edition, Overwatch, Destiny and the new Need for Speed. I will now present you with what I half remember fever dream reviews.

Halo 5

I actually really enjoyed the campaign although I think the ending was pretty abrupt. It’s the middle game of a trilogy though, I get it. I’d say the advertising oversold the “hunting the MC” angle but it was still fun.

I moved onto the multi and got discouraged fast. The ranked system is cool but no join in progress means people leave games all the time and you’re left with a lopsided match. Being one person against four is no fun but being on the other side isn’t much better. There were a couple games I felt like I was just tearing it up only to find out the other team was down a guy or two. I can’t take any pride in that shit. I quit playing after my last 1vs4 match and haven’t gone back. With Call of Duty hitting on Friday I think my Halo 5 days are over.

I will say the new Pro controller for the Xbox is killer. I love the customization and I got really used to the paddles. So much that I miss them now when I play games on the PS4.


This game is beautiful and fun. It reminds of old school Quake back in the day. It’s fast and manic in a way a lot of modern shooters aren’t. It’s also way more polished than I expected. I’ve been in my fair share of early betas and this game looks and feels really good already. I have nothing but high hopes for Overwatch.

Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition

If you have not played Darksiders II, get this game. It’s a really slick remake of the original with an enhanced lighting engine and high res textures. It makes an already georgeous game look that much better. I’m playing it again because I have a borderline terrifying inability to remember anything. So I might as well be playing it again for the first time. I must have spent 40 hours on it the first time around and now I’m getting stuck on puzzles I know for a fact I have completed before.

Need For Speed

If you are a game developer and you are ever in a meeting where someone brings up the possibility of FMV, kill that person.

Kill them until they are dead all the way.

-Gabe out

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