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Tycho / on Fri, Jun 10 2016 at 12:21 pm

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The Land Beyond

I think most of the numbers I know are correct, but in the frozen mists that precede an E3, you hear all kinds of shit.  For example, I felt fairly certain this show was gonna be a head to head hardware slugfest, Neo v. Scorpio, which sounds thoroughly WWE.  But no.  Which means the Neo probably isn’t coming out this year.  I wouldn’t have called that either.  Now it’s all wheels within wheels, Game of Thrones type shit.  But it’s fine if they don’t show it.  They’re basically running it at this point; they don’t have to do shit.

On the information tip, though, and it’s long enough ago that it probably doesn’t matter at all, but all the weird shit I heard about the Xbox One had a bunch of twists in it that were far more interesting than what they eventually shipped with.  Most of it got axed when they were liquefied publicly.  I understand that morale was low.

So much of their plan had to do with this digital property initiative, where everything was digital even if you bought it on a disc - the disc in their regime was like a single-use cartridge, essentially.  They must have understood at some level that people would find it weird, and in real terms represented a diminished value of the product, as it could not be exchanged - so the original plan (along with being able to lend games to friends) involved not only the ability to rent games, or to trade them in digitally for credit, but also - this was the weird one, probably woulda been a tough sell - was to drop the price of games to something like forty dollars.  I’ve never heard this stuff since, and some of it is really cool.  But I file most rumors I hear alongside those.  I still enjoy them, don’t get me wrong.  I love science fiction.  The reality is that this image of digital ownership is far more robust than the one we have now.

I gotta make sure you know about Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series.  Gotta.

Right now, new episodes go up on Wednesdays, you can trust that part.  I talked to Van, our filmy-type dude, about getting the audio as a Podcast also and he says that’s no biggie.  I’ll try to figure out what that would look like from our end, but Acquisitions Incorporated started as a podcast, and it is sometimes said that the old ways are best.

(CW)TB out.

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