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Tycho / on Wed, Sep 7 2016 at 11:56 am

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Canis Lupus

I did not win my Gears of War 4 match, even though I should have, and the stars were right and there was a grand conjunction etcetera.  So now I’m on the prowl for a game that leverages the substantial delta in our relative physical strength.  And while I might not have won in the traditional sense, I did win in another sense and maybe that’s the most important thing.

I’m still sort of ringing from the best PAX on record.  People always thank me, like I was the seed of it, planted in the earth, and then the show branched out, but I know the truth.  I was at the Enforcer Afterparty last night, where some even thanked me for PAX, when they’re the ones who make it possible - whenever a show closes, I thank them first.  I call them the literal spine of the show.  It’s hard to imagine how you could have a convention without Enforcers, although I understand that some do attempt it.

If you long to be a cool person, someone privy to arcane PAX mysteries about that which is neat-o, the games I heard about most at this show were:

- Flapjack Flipout, a dexterity boardgame with a surprisingly amusing fundamental interaction,

- Tumbleseed, a game the creators call a “rolly roguelike” about moving laterally in a world that hates you,

- and Secret Legend, a game about what it’s like to go on a beautiful adventure while also being a very small fox.

Now you’re set up.

And hey, the Tycho Tries talkshow experiment continues with Hidden Path’s Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Edition, which I thought was pretty fuckin’ interesting.  Jeff Pobst, one of the people behind it and a fellow survivor of the bleak, nightmare forest called Spokane, came along for the ride.

My ill-fated turn on Minecraft: Story Mode comes up again; I promise that’s not a theme.  Apparently it affected me deeply.  I love doing these videos, though; I think it’s time to sic the designers on this thing and make it a real boy.  ALSO:

New momentum track is up, with cool rewards!  I knew that knots were cool conceptually, that’s why I put them in Thornwatch, but I didn’t know how cool they were literally; I saw some amazing work around wrists and tied to trees.  I can’t wait to start rolling some of that into the official lore - send in a knot with how you think it might work in the Eyrewood to and when we hit fifty, we’ll start cracking on a guide for backers that details not just what they mean to the Thornwatch, but what they mean for players as well.

(CW)TB out.

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