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Gabe / on Mon, Apr 24 2017 at 10:08 am

Thornwatch Art Update!

Thornwatch is in the home stretch now and the pace is picking up for me. This game needs a lot of artwork and I can’t do it all on my own. I wanted to introduce you to the other artists helping me out on this project and share some of their work with you.

Nick Trujillo

Nick is probably familiar to those of you who watched Strip Search back in the day. He’s super talented and he’s working on all the map tiles for Thornwatch. These are beautiful little paintings that show off the magic of the Eyrewood.

The rest of these artists are all working on storyboards. These are the comic book style pages that will guide you through your adventures in the Eyrewood. They help set up the story and layout all the rules you’ll need for a particular encounter. We’re still working on the text elements and layout but here’s an example.

The game will have a bunch of these storyboards and as much as I’d love to draw them all, there’s just no way. So I have a handful of other artists helping me out:

Aviv Or

Aviv is an artist that I met through Mike Selinker. She is a talented illustrator and sequential artist who has worked with Lone Shark in the past. I’m watching her work come in and really loving her take on the Eyrewood.

Garrett Hanna

Garrett is an artist whose work I discovered via the game Wildstar a few years back. His incredible illustrations were initially what drew me into that game. I’m thrilled beyond words to have him working on Thornwatch. It’s like having one of your favorite bands play your birthday party.

Ben Caldwell

Some of you might know Ben from the Automata series he did along with Gary Whitta called Blood and Oil. Ben is a comic book pro and I’ve been a fan of his work for years. The reality is that every chance to work with Ben is just an opportunity for me to learn a ton of stuff. I’m excited to see what his Eyrewood looks like.

Lar DeSouza

Given that I have known Lar since back in the San Diego Comic Con days, it’s odd that we are only just now working together. He is a fantastic cartoonist and I’ve always been jealous of his caricatures. This was another magical connection made possible by Mike Selinker who seems to know everyone and be their best friend.

Art is a huge part of game experience for me. I know that with this group we can make a beautiful game and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

-Gabe out

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