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Tycho / on Mon, May 15 2017 at 10:53 am

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Supply And Demand

We read a fascinating article on Krontiqi called “I Paid Women To Play Overwatch With Me, And It Was Fantastic” and that headline is so robust that I don’t feel any compulsion to explain it.

I don’t know.  I feel like this sort of thing would attract fucking weirdos and I am scared by proxy.  I already know I exact a profound cost from those who spend time with me; if I could enumerate it thus, with an actual dollar amount, I would feel even worse about it than I already do.

We wanted to try some D&D at home, I have a cool D&D enabling table that I’ve used for plenty of other games but never its intended payload.  It was phenomenal and you should fucking do this.

Ronia said she wanted to be a “lady knight,” and I said no problem, all she needed was a name.  Thus was born Crystal Leaf of Edinburg.  Elliot’s Warlock is named Vololo, which I feel confident is a combination of Volo and the wololo meme.  He also says that Vololo is Omin Dran’s son.  I told him we could discuss the terms of a license.

Brenna went hard on a rogue named Ardith Hareshollow, because she’s a baller and I endorse all this 100%.

I didn’t see any reason to go end to end on character creation; the official site has sixteen pregenerated characters in zip files that have the same character done up from levels one through ten, and they’re a very solid pair of training wheels if you;re looking to spin up a family game.  I just let them handle the “i have grey eyes” portions and get familiar.  They might even have to familiarize themselves with a familiar.  It’s possible.

  One of the challenges you may face is that young people constantly do what we would call “roleplaying,” basically all the time, while they’re manufacturing their identities.  They’re actually too good at it.  Recognizing the primacy of Rule 0 in a shared imaginary space is new for them, but they picked it up pretty quick.  They had all eaten from a cache of fairy food at one point, Ardith couldn’t stop humming, Crystal Leaf was laughing in a genuine way at first that became more and more convincingly nervous after a time, and Vololo was dancing and playing a log like a piano.  If I do nothing else with my life, it’d be okay with me.  .

It made me think about what Wheelhouse Workshop does around here, using roleplaying games with therapeutically tuned adventures to build social skills.  It also made me think about the fact that when I was younger, my mom found a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons shit in my room and began to blame various physical and metaphysical phenomena on the books.  It’s taken us this long to really integrate this type of play into our society, and it’s been around for ages; if there is turmoil around videogames sometimes, it’s to be expected.  And we won’t be able to predict the endpoint.  Because what happened at my house last weekend is something I could never have imagined.


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