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Gabe / on Mon, Jun 18 2018 at 8:29 am

My new PC

Today’s comic is sort of the reverse of this comic strip we did back in 2014. Jerry doesn’t care about televisions and listening to him talk about shopping for one was enough to give me a migraine. When I decided to pick up a gaming PC I knew I could ask him for advice but I didn’t think I needed whatever supercomputer he was gonna try and talk me into. I just wanted to play some PC games and not spend a bunch of money. So I bought my setup in secret and I’ve been having a blast.

First of all I should let you know this isn’t an advertisement or anything. Sometimes people send me free shit and I always let you guys know when that’s the case. This is honestly just a computer I went and bought on my own. I told Jerry that I spent about $1200 on my setup and he was not impressed. When I casually mentioned that price included the monitor he was apoplectic. If you’re curious, here’s the package I ended up getting.

I know it’s nowhere near the top of the line but I’m having a great time. It runs all the games I’ve tossed on it beautifully. Currently my desktop has shortcuts to Dauntless, Raft, Overwatch, Realm Royale, Paldins, and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire on it. All these games run great and even if I can’t always crank the graphic options to “ULTRA” I’m still having a good time.

I did splurge on the accessories though. The keyboard and mouse that came with the Omen PC just were not cutting it. I reached out for some advice on Twitter and ended up going with the Corsair K70 which has some incredibly clicky keys and the M65 gaming mouse for all my headshot needs. I absolutely love the Corsair gear and I spent way too much time using their customization app to configure an elaborate light show that plays across both of them.

I’m sure Jerry will use his newspost to shame me, but he can’t complain too much. We’ve been playing PC games together most nights since I got this new rig and my guess is that’s a win in his book.

-Gabe out

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