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Tycho / on Wed, May 20 2020 at 12:01 am

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Our son's counselor called up Brenna a couple days ago to ask how things were going here at home with school out. I think maybe it's supposed to be bad; certainly, we've made those jokes too. There's a lot of horseshit involved with their online platform, something we've been struggling with for years because there's no universal doctrine regarding its use internally. In truth, I have three different websites I have to log into in order to understand what's happening at school. And once I gain access to these haunted-ass Precursor Mausolea, I gotta teach a bunch of complicated shit I forgot twenty years ago. But: Brenna's response was, "Uh, I think this might actually be better for him."

And it is. It's not even close. There's a lot about how school is set up that's rad if you think being around people is great. But if you don't, or you're somewhere on the spectrum that makes some of these constant interactions unintelligible or "merely" Herculean psychic investments, all these things are being drawn from the same power bar you're using to learn. I have a lot of opinions on this but the only thing that matters to me is the extent to which I can wring success from it.

We had to come up with our own system that works for us. It doesn't look like school in some ways. Maybe it, you know, occasionally involves a Magic Shrimp.

If you don't spend a lot of time around young people, they're changing essentially all the time. A lot of it depends on your sample rate. A baby's head isn't, like… finished, and so you might go to work and come back and now your baby has a different head. Being home all the time means my sample rate has gone through the roof during a period marked by incredible change. Hair, hair unchecked, has begun to amass in key areas on his face that evokes a kind of twenties - nineteen twenties, I should say - ragamuffin aesthetic. I have offered my services in this regard but these hairs, lus'trous and few, are precious to him and they will not be mown.

(CW)TB out.

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