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Tycho / on Thu, Sep 9 2021 at 12:01 am

Acquisitions Incorporated: The Silver Spheres

Dabe sent me a ton of cool shots of the table he made the custom skin for.  They are presented below, with my director's commentary:

I couldn't fucking believe it was real. Understand, we've been sitting on this thing like a patient hen.   


"Yep, yep," (gently pats the side) "You can fit a whole lotta balls in this one."


Just wicked.  Dabe got a lot of use out of the art from the book - this is the cover of the official D&D book, the one we had to fix using Waifu2x.


You can catch some of the custom branding here for the multiplier and the Ball Save mechanic.  


That is the name of my D&D character.  But also, hitting those letters is a huge Intern Death Multiplier boost, which is super on brand.  


These are the Green Flame bumpers just below - the letters in Omin also crank these bonuses.


Our fantasy is to make the custom info tabs here and install them.


You go around back of this to activate multiball.  It's a good hook!


Dabe knows how to take pictures of me that make me feel like a cool person.  


Here is me telling people in the UK to fuck off.  


Here's CommanderZim!  It was his birthday.  It seems like maybe things didn't go super well on this ball.  


Here is Dexor, 2019 runner up and winner of the Omegathon, wearing atop his head the holy raiment that guaranteed his victory.  He passed it on to CommanderZim.


"I can't believe what a great job Dabe did on this table.  It's world class.  Just shocking, shocking stuff."  


See me recoil in horror here from the confetti cannons.  I always forget it's gonna happen.  Like, a hundred percent of the time.    


I mean...  that's real good.


This is how you would address the table if you, yourself, were an Omeganaut.


Here's the old table Mars God Of War alongside the reskin, lovingly made by Dabe using heaps of art from Gabe and our good friend Aviv Or.  



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