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Pay Attention

By Tycho – April 22, 2002

Today's comic has plenty of words already, and as such does not require much of an investment on my part. Suffice it to say that it concerns idiots, briefcases, and Soldier of Fortune 2. When the illustrious Justice Cat called us pussies for using the crosshairs, I knew then that our race was doomed. No-one could possibly be smart enough to counteract that much stupid. So, Universe, it's been great being bipedal and everything, though I feel like I got fucked out of a grasping tail. All in all, I give existence an Eight.

Land of the Rising Fun

By Gabe – April 21, 2002

Thanks for all the great input on Land of the Rising Fun. It seems like lots of you would like to see us cover games that won't be coming to the US at all. Also many of you requested reviews of GBA games since you can play Japanese games on your US GBA without any special modifications. I also got mail asking us to look at older games for systems like the Saturn and the Dreamcast. These are all great ideas and we can certainly do all of them. One of the ideas that seemed to come up a lot was a sort of import gaming 101 article. Lots of people avoid importing games simply because it's so damn confusing. What hardware will I need? How do I get a MOD chip? What the hell IS a MOD chip? I think this is a fantastic idea. In fact I would like to start collecting questions for it right now. If you ever had a question about importing games but you were afraid to ask please send it to me. The more questions I get the better this article is gonna be so please hook me up.

He's the good cop

By Gabe – April 20, 2002

Wow I wake up and check my mail to see that once again I have managed to piss off an entire community. It’s like I have some kind of goddmaned gift or something. While scrolling through pro boosting messages I also saw quite a few people suggesting that my screw job of the news system this weekend is a good thing. It seems some of you like having something new to read on Saturday and Sunday. So I figure since I’ve gone this far why stop now.

Don't be silly

By Gabe – April 20, 2002

I don’t see anything wrong. It looks like the same old news to me. I don’t know what could possibly be wrong with it. I am sure I would notice if there was something messed up and I don’t see anything messed up so it must be perfectly normal. Yup, must be.



By Tycho – April 20, 2002

Is something messed up with the news? It seems messed up.

Shit, I boned the news!

By Gabe – April 20, 2002

Tycho told me that uploading news on a non strip day was tricky. I was all like "Yeah, okay whatever man.” Then I go and fuck it all up. When I made my last post all the news from Friday got bumped into the archive. You can see it all right here.

More Anonymous Fun!

By Tycho – April 19, 2002

Please note that this anonymous fun is in response to the anonymous fun posted earlier today.



By Tycho – April 19, 2002

I'm afraid that if I don't take an Aleve the tingling will go away.

Thank God it's Today!

By Gabe – April 19, 2002

Well it's Friday and you all know what that means, it's Love and Hate time! A brand new installment of everyone's favorite advice column staring my wife and an angry Semite is now available right here.

It's Strange

By Tycho – April 19, 2002

I have this uncontrollable urge to operate heavy machinery.



By Tycho – April 19, 2002

Regarding Wednesday's comic (which concerned the production of dubious promotional materials), an anonymous producer from an anonymous production company chimed in with the following:

Dear Lord!

By Tycho – April 19, 2002

I'm actually surprised that I'm still alive. I'm not referring to my well-publicized cold, which your well-wishing has made quite tolerable indeed. Well, that and Aleve, which (as it turns out!) contains high concentrations of goofballs. No, I'm talking about Taxes, that special time of year when the amorous avatar of our nation Uncle Sam gets that special gleam in his eye. I was not aware that one could pay their taxes in installments, I guess I just thought they sent six-legged robo-hounds to your house to prick you with their deadly tongues, which are also syringes. Don't mind me, it's the medicine talking. I do appreciate your indulgence with the late posts, once I feel better (and can stay awake all day) I'll cinch up the schedule again.

I Said God Damn

By Tycho – April 18, 2002

I don't know if they put goofballs in Aleve Cold and Sinus, or what, but I feel like a million dollars. It's like I'm floating high above the worries and cares of the world.