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Tycho / on Wed, Jan 25 2017 at 10:48 am

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I talked to a man from NASA once who told me, just straight up, that space travel was going to require recreational drugs.  It wasn’t even a question.  The whole conversation was Philip K. Dick as a motherfucker.  I mention this because, whatever else the Australia flight may be, its prolonged unreality and bottled loops are made tolerable by their relentlessly positive flight attendants.  I wonder if there isn’t a test program for these drugs on those flights, at least for the crews.  Flying to Mars and flying to Australia don’t take exactly the same amount of time, but it’s close.

What I’m saying is that this type of shit would never happen on Qantas.

We knew someone who had a Gluten Sensing Dog, which I’d never heard of, but it completely makes sense - there’s gluten avoidance as a dietary trend, all the way up to something like Celiac Disease which makes it a poison.  Gabe imagined that the dog would eat a few bites of the food, like a Royal Taster type situation, and I suggested that was probably not a strong implementation.  I said that dogs are good at smelling things, and that was probably how they did it.  I assume that Gabriel’s Ghost Sensing Cat isn’t a real phenomenon, but I’m going to look it up after I finish the post, and it’s gonna totally be a thing.  Although, thinking about it, I don’t know any cats that aren’t Ghost Sensing Cats.  I think they all Sense Ghosts.  It’s the only thing that explains cats.

Our producer Josh is heading down to PAX South, so no stream today - but we’re going to autohost the stuff we’re doing over the weekend, like the Q&As, Make A Strip, and Acquisitions Incorporated on Saturday at 2PM CST!  Technically we’ve been on Twitch for years I guess, I just forget, because I got on stage and black the fuck out.  I had to invent a whole other person to tank that kind of situation, and when I get up there, I let him handle it.


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