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Tycho / on Wed, Jul 10 2019 at 12:01 am

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I didn’t actually entertain the idea presented in the strip, but when it was happening, I did apportion a very small part of my brain to consider the idea that my counterpart in the strip would absolutely do so.

It’s all fixed now obviously, obviously, but sometimes air pressure in the garage would tell the alarm system that the door had been opened when it hadn’t been.  I think I would have let it ride, having been so ill-used by this sensor before, if I hadn’t also seen a motion light out there trip.  Even this was not sufficient to generate true alarm, however, because this neighborhood is fuckin’ cat city.

I went down simply to verify that I was doing what I typically do, which was worry to no profitable end, but I was wrong.  I looked out a window to get a better look, and she passed right in front of me without noticing I was there.  Which was good!  Because I had no pants.

After I went back upstairs to get pants, I opened the door to the garage to find her in Brenna’s car.  I told her that she needed to get the fuck out of there, and she told me that I needed to get the fuck out of there.  She had just come back from college to this, her parents’ house.  She was looking not in my car but in her mother’s car, for a check her mother said she would put there.  Then she said I was crazy and that she was going to call her mother.  She “pushed some buttons” and then claimed to have put her mother on Speaker Phone, holding the phone toward me, but the screen didn’t come on and nobody said anything because she’d done no such thing.  The level of investment in this bit indicates to me that she could find success in virtually any industry - it escalated over the course of fifteen or so minutes, eventually “her dad was on the phone,” an inspired escalation of the dramatic arc.

I told her that her story wasn’t super good and I didn’t think she’d thought about it very hard.  I’d just come out of the house she was ostensibly calling.  I said that was a plot hole, at best. Eventually I made up a story about what kind of security system I believe I said it could record “HDR,” (?!) and this seemed to inspire her to move elsewhere.  The power of Jargon, I suppose.  More nearby houses told me they’d experienced intrusion attempts later in the night, which by that time had become the morning.

(CW)TB out.   

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