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Tycho / on Fri, Sep 25 2020 at 12:01 am

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Kit Slash Caboodle

One of the more elaborate ongoing genres of strip is the Mike's Birthday Strip, of which there are several examples. As today is his birthday in Truth, we have delivered what we hope will be a work of comfort for those who celebrate - wherever they may find themselves.

It should also be said that despite what is essentially an unprecedented level of brand awareness for a person's date of birth - only the lamb of hosts Jesus Christ can claim a more robust campaign - I still didn't get him anything for his birthday. This is literally after writing today's strip with him, just yesterday. And I think that's a level of obliviousness so utter, so complete, that it wraps around to the other side and borders on heroism now. What do you think, plausible? It would be great for me if you agreed. God only knows I'm not gonna get any support from him.

Today marks the return of Gabir Motors ongoing management of motorsports, via the lens of Playsport Games Motorsport Manager. The commanding lead established earlier this season has become etched in stone - which is good, because if we don't win this season we'll be fucking fired. That was the Faustian bargain Gabir Liel made with the Chairperson Bo Chonglin of Dragon Race Team China: all, or nothing. Right now, it's looking like all. But last week saw a slip - still a double podium, but a competitor managed to worm their way into P2. Will that wedge be driven further, challenging the dominant of Gabir Motors - or should we be diversifying our business to offer a range of caskets for our erstwhile competitors? Find out today at 2pm PDT - only on Twonch.

(CW)TB out.

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