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Tycho / on Wed, Apr 28 2021 at 12:01 am

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The Destiny Reddit is such a complex place. I can't stay there for very long - it's like trying to fit inside of a grandfather clock without a) interrupting its function or b) having your own function interrupted by its gears or pendulum. It's a perfect commingling of matter and antimatter, an open forum where there are precisely the same number of proponents for or against any action, and a reasonably high level of conceptual rigor, so that by the time I finish a thread the only thing I'm convinced of is that a bunch of my time is irretrievably lost and I don't have anything to show for it.

What they're gonna talk about is what Transmog - or Universal Armor Ornaments - means for the experience. Why haven't best practices from other free to play games been observed, and mined for use? Does the time gate mean it's essentially something you're going to be driven to purchase? What I'm gonna talk about is the real problem - how they only made up three words when they could have made up so, so many more. Bare minimum, the "Loom" you use to bind the Synthcord - the loom dear reader - could be called any one of... well, here's several:

Embindment Engine
Mr. Threadzz

Bear in mind - this is only the free version of my service.  Imagine what I might generate if you take me up on my season pass.

Mr. Gribbz got a surprise appointment for his first COVID shot, so this afternoon's GOLGOLFA battle will be yours truly attempting to solo endgame content in the form of Gary Whitta (professional fabulist, known exile) and Will "Not That" Smith (one of the soulless Krgzyldi, literally "nothing men") with only the steel in my heart - and my clubs. Although I think those are technically some kind of alloy. But steel is also an alloy - which means I'm still right, technically. And it's that unswerving rightness I will use to cleave these many and varied etcetera. Kinda ran outta juice there at the end. But that's only because I'm reserving my strength for my online golf match at 2pm PDT this afternoon on Twinch.

(CW)TB out.

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