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Gabe / on Mon, Jan 8 2018 at 9:57 am

The 10 most popular PA strips of 2017

I asked our Technomancer Mike Buland to do some digging in our data mines and find out what the top ten Penny Arcade comics of 2017 were. He got back to me and said “...there are a number of ways the comic can be viewed that won’t register on the analytics system, so what I can grab right now won’t be fully representational…” and a bunch of other engineer type stuff that I didn’t really understand. He did give me a list though!

The Top 10 comics of 2017!

10. Skin In The Game

9. Pokémon NO Fest, Part 1

8. The Ravages of Time

7. Neverland

6. Render

5. Occasionally For Honor

4. Naturally Influent

3. Cozmi Fan Tutte

2. Hard Truths

1. Coda

There’s some interesting stuff in that list I think. Most of these sort of make sense to me even though they are not necessarily my favs of the year. I can tell you that comics about our kids tend to be pretty popular. We also see a bump whenever we do a comic about a specific game and get a link from their subreddit. I think we obviously got a big spike from Kris and Pat’s communities. The only one I don’t understand is the Ravages of Time. That’s a genuinely weird strip and I can’t quite figure out how it’s up their in the top 10. Maybe that one hit big with the crocodile community?

-Gabe out

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