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Tycho / 3 weeks ago

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Just for comparison's sake, if we're talking about lists:

What's funny is that he and I would both have Halo Infinite on our shortlists, the only difference is that he has it for the campaign (which I won't play until co-op) and I have it for the Multiplayer, whose reward structure he finds stingy wherever it isn't just weird. I play it every day, if I can. Not with him, though! Look earlier in this very paragraph for why.

I thought Inscryption was very cool, even before you get involved in any of the… experiences, outside the game. This is the sort of game about which one hesitates to say too much. But I feel like it was money well spent, and even if he isn't the type of dude to make direct sequels there's so much headroom left in this. I'm willing to simply fantasize about it, that's fine.

Across the Obelisk is in fact a real game, and it's only gotten better since it was released. If you like Slay the Spire but want to slay spires with another person - or even three other people - I hope you know about this game, because that's exactly what it is. It's amazing. Yeah, it's the Roguelite shit I'm always going on about, but games where you can do that and set up killer turns for your allies are few and far between. Another big one for me is still Storybook Brawl, which I lost a portion of my mind to earlier this year. Battle Royale, but a deckbuilder. What I'm saying is that cards are important and I like cards.

(CW)TB out.

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